Bucket List before Baby

Mom Confession: I’m so excited for baby #2 and can’t wait to meet him or her – but part of me is really mourning the loss of “just the two of us“, as in Mr. President & me. I know all of that will change the second I meetIMG_6248 my sweet baby and get a whiff of that delicious newborn scent but until then, I can’t help but cry when I think about how things are (drastically) going to change in +/-30 days.

That’s why I’m hoping to spend these precious moments with Mr. President, exploring & adventuring around our great town, and checking items off our “Bucket List before Baby”.

Bucket List before Baby

  • Lunch date (completed)
  • Donuts date (and I’ll let you eat a whole donut without worrying about how much sugar or chocolate you’re consuming at 9am)
  • Visit the Cherry Blossoms (completed)
  • Explore Teddy Roosevelt Island (completed)
  • Visit Mr. President’s namesake Monument
  • Watch planes take off & land at Gravely Point
  • Check out (at least) 5 new parks/playgrounds in our area (2 down, 3 to go)
  • Butterfly Exhibit at Museum of Natural History
  • Play in the mud and get dirty
  • Long Branch Nature Center + tour/exploration
  • Ride The Carousel on the National Mall
  • National Zoo
  • Ride the metro
  • Find a construction site and watch diggers dig, dump trucks dump, and cement mixers mix

Have any other ideas? Share them with me!
Did you create a “bucket list” before having baby #2 (or 3)?


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