Vienna Turkey Trot 5k

(Note: with the exception of my wedding post – which I promise is coming soon – I am caught up with races, and from this day forward, all posts are current.  Thank you.) 
My favorite triathlon/former work friend, BB, talked me into doing a Turkey Trot 5K on Sunday.  At first I was uncharacteristically non-committal and even waited until late Saturday afternoon to make my decision.  When I asked BJ whether or not I should run, he said: “You haven’t seen BB in awhile and racing is good for your soul.”  He couldn’t have been more right (it’s a good thing I have a hubs who know what’s good/bad for me).

I’m so glad I decided to run the race.  Vienna is close to my house (20 minutes) and I picked up BB on my way.  We had great weather (a little nippy at first, but not bad for November).  The course is an out-and-back course with rolling hills.  I loved it! 

I went out fast, probably a little too fast (if I’m being honest with myself), Mile 1: 5:58.  I should also point out that BJ and I went on a 30 mile bike ride the day before (my 1st ride since SavageMan in September) and my legs felt a little shocked from the combination of 30-mile-bike-and-5:58-mile.  However, by the turn around point, my legs were feeling good and my lungs had recovered from the chilly morning air.  
I spent most of the race in 2nd place (women) and could see the 1st place girl in front of me but just couldn’t pass her.  While I’m extremely competitive, I kept reasoning with myself (and I’m glad I did): A) She’s a high schooler and runs everyday B) If she wins this race, tomorrow (at school) will be the coolest day of her life C) I don’t have to win everything.  With 0.5 miles left, the 3rd place female took 2nd.  I finished 3rd place, all 3 of us within 10 seconds of each other.  
The other cool thing is that I never run 5k’s – and the 1st 5k I run in years I get 3rd place with a time of 20:09, 6:29 pace.  Maybe that’s the fastest I am at 5k’s – and that’s okay with me.  
Time: 20:09
Pace: 6:29
Female Place: 3
Overall Place: 33/786 

Recap:  This was a great race with wonderful volunteers and a great cause: supporting the local HS band and volunteer fire department. Plus, I’m totally a sucker for Turkey Trots. 

BB – thanks for getting me out there
BJ – thanks for knowing when my soul needs refreshing 😉 

3rd place medal, baby!
BB, 1st place female 20-29 (Time: 21:40)

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  1. Holy crap girl that is crazy fast!!! Congrats!!!

    Now… on to the wedding post!!!! 🙂

  2. I like B) a lot. I take it even though the runner in B) shares the new same last name – no relation? Great time – superfast – Flash fast!

  3. Woo hoo! You kicked butt – I know cause I was there 🙂

  4. HolyWoW! You are blazing fast. I think I'm tired just reading your pace. Congrats Congrats Congrats!…now wedding post, please!

  5. That is SO COOL!!! You totally rocked it! 😀 YAY

  6. Excellent result – congratulations!

  7. you're amazing fast — great job rockstar!

  8. Nice job on the run lady!!!! speedy!

  9. congrats on an awesome race

  10. congrats on the marriage AND the race 🙂

  11. Great run.I have a turkey strut myself planned for tom am with the hubby & my sisters in nc. I am excited. So… your mom: did her Dr not care that she ran on her delivery date with you because I've always heard 6 weeks recovery @ the least. Maybe she's just crazy hard core. I am 24 wks now & really wanted to run til the end but my bladder seems to strongly disagree with my desire. Haha. Wonder if your mom has any tips/tricks for the pregnant runner.
    Happy thanksgiving.

  12. Awesome time! My goal is to get under 20 minutes from my current 21 minute PR.

    Congrats on 3rd place! I love placing 🙂

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