23 Miles, NBD.

On Saturday I ran 23 miles. NBD.

This is my longest run to date and I feel good!  Saturday was my last looonnnggg run – with my marathon less than 1 month away, I’ll start to taper soon.

AF and I totally lucked out with the weather.  According to the forecast the night before, it was suppose to rain until 1pm on Saturday.  Since we were starting our run at 7am, things did not look good for us.  I had nightmares about blisters, sopping wet clothes, and catching a cold.  Thankfully, it was not raining when I woke up on Saturday morning and I did not catch a cold – success!  Our run was the perfect temperature.

I did, however, make one tactical mistake.  I own a pair of Green Silence.  I absolutely love these shoes – not only do I think they look super cool (and I feel like a bad-ass when I wear them), they are eco-friendly.  For some reason I thought I wanted to run my marathon in these shoes.  I’m not sure why – maybe they would make me run faster?  Anyway, I decided to run in them on Saturday. Worst. Mistake. Ever.  My feet started to hurt around mile 13 and it only got worse from there.  Toward the end of the run I could feel every.single.thing that I ran over.  I even had thoughts about tripping other runners and stealing their shoes – that’s how bad it hurt. Honestly, I wish I would have just run in my trusty Ravenna’s – but I guess it’s good to know what not to wear on May 1.

Feet problems aside, we still managed to run an average moving pace of 8:20/mile.  Cardio-wise, I felt great.  Last time I ran 22 miles, I stopped talking to AF around mile 15 because everything in my body hurt- this time I was able to talk to her the whole time.  And, my body still hurt (I mean, come on, I ran 23 miles) but it wasn’t the same hurt as last time.  Progress, I like it.  Each time I run, I feel more and more prepared for my marathon.  May 1 – I can’t wait for you to get here!

Runners – what type of shoes do you race in, especially for longer races? Have you run in racing flats before and then regretted it?

P.S. Green Silence?  I still love you, just not on my long runs.

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  1. I just became a two shoe wearer, but I haven't tried this out with the marathon yet. Just testing it out for tri season. You are going to smoke that marathon!

  2. YAY on 23!

    FREAKING. awesome!!

    I love my saucony pro-grid ride 3's. Every time I try something new —- I regret it. 🙁

  3. Nice long run!

    I am a Saucony loyalist. I rarely stray and when I do, I regret it!

  4. great job

  5. glad you learned what NOT to wear in the marathon. I'm an Adidas girl myself.

  6. 23 miles is impressive! And I'm glad it felt better than when you did 22. I've only run marathons in my regular training shoes. I'm just too nervous that racing flats wouldn't be enough support for me over that distance.

  7. Great job!!!!! are you getting so excited for your marathon???!! you are going to do so well! I can't wait to hear all about it!
    good job on 23 especially running through pain. that's tough!

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