Athlete Bio: Kevin Stack

Brooks RunningName:   Kevin P. Stack

Age:  45

Location:  Reston, VA

Years Running:  32 years

Favorite race distance:  5K

PRs:  1500M: 5:27, Mile: 5:48, 5K: 19:12, 10K: 42:00

How did you get into running?  Too small for football my freshman year of HS, so I joined he cross country team!

How many marathons have you run?  Zero!  I’m a middle distance runner

Do you cross train or lift weights:  Yes, I lift weights 2-3 times/week

How do you find/make time to train:  Work from home, so that is a huge advantage.  Trade running times with my wife on weekends.  Three kids under the age of ten makes it challenging!

Favorite place to run:  Hawaii.  Spent last four years going there two times a year for the Reserves.  Love the loop around Diamond Head along Kahala Road and the ocean road back to Waikiki.

Favorite/most memorable race:  5K in Diamond Head in January, 2011.  Overall 5K winner, with the last mile straight uphill.  Won hand-carved koa wood bowl as prize!

Favorite pre-race meal:  Coffee, toast and banana

Favorite post-race food:  Chocolate milk

Brooks Running

Favorite quote:  “Run like you just stole something.”

Favorite running shoe:  Brooks PureFlows for training and Brooks T7s for racing.

Best running advice:  “God, Gold and Glory.”  (Three things to run for)

Running accomplishment I’m most proud of:  Getting selected into the Brooks ID program in 2009.  Not a day goes by that I’m not humbled by fellow Brooks ID members and their running accomplishments.

What races are you currently training for?  Rock ‘n’ Roll ½ Marathon in DC on 3/16/13







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