One more month…

I’ll be a mom in +-30 days!  This statement is both extremely exciting and extremely terrifying.  Mostly exciting, but I’m sure all first-time moms can relate to the “I have no idea what I’m doing” feeling.  Plus, I don’t really have a place to live once Baby arrives, so that’s adding to the terrifying part.


I’m not sure what pregnancy is supposed to feel like, but this pregnancy has been so easy.  In fact, I love being pregnant (so much so that I tried to convince BJ to have 4 kids)!  I feel great, and I’m thankful that I’m still able to be me.  Yes, running is hard (and slow) but I’m still doing it, and I’d rather hard and slow than not running at all.

I’m barely able to: IMG_4515

  • tie my shoes
  • run
  • sleep (oh, I miss sleep)
  • eat (it’s not that appealing to me)

But, I’m still rockin’:

  • yoga
  • swimming
  • long walks
  • my wedding rings
  • and…all of my shoes (no swollen fingers or feet)
  • lots of fresh fruit (pineapple, watermelon, grapefruit)
  • A baby {bump} & 24.5 extra lbs (but they are the best 24.5 lbs I’ve ever gained)

Baby is getting big and ready for his/her debut (I’m dying to know what Baby Jones is).  30 days will be here before I know it….

Pregnant BFF's

Pregnant BFF’s


What’s your best mom advice?

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  1. I’m excited for Baby Jones to make his/her debut!

  2. Congrats!! So close! <3

    I've got about 36 days til' the due date too….we're in for a wild, exciting, amazing ride!

  3. Stephanie Bowen says:

    You’re going to be such a great mom Melody! For me, having a baby brings an unimaginable amount of love into your life and home. The excitement of getting to see your baby’s sweet face every day outweighs the sleepless nights in the beginning. Can’t wait to hear your news very soon!!! Thinking of you guys.

  4. Once baby arrives, remember that everyday gets better than the yesterday. Everyday you’ll get the hang of it more, and baby will get the hang of it more. And just when you have figured out one “phase”, baby will be on to the next one!

  5. My best advice is to just roll with the punches ! Babies make life incredibly chaotic (but they are so worth it!) Life was so much easier for me as a new mom when I accepted that things would hardly ever go as planned, so just go with it. As a result, I have two very relaxed, amazing little boys <3 OH, and enjoy every second! Everyone says it and it's so cliché, but they really DO grow up too fast!!! Congrats!

  6. Preston Jones says:

    I’m hoping for October 4th!!!…that would be the best birthday present I could ever imagine!! Oh ya and nice sandals in the bridge photo Brent, haha. Love you both.

  7. I’m so excited for you! I’m sure that must be scary not having an official ‘home’ but the good news is … your baby won’t remember and all will be well. I’ll be praying for your last month and delivery. Can’t wait to see pictures.

  8. I was thinking about you guys today! How on earth is it possible that your pregnancy is nearing the end????

  9. you’re such a cute preggo! not sure i’ve ‘checked in’ with you in awhile so congrats on the soon-to-be new babe if i haven’t said so already! glad everything’s been going smoothly!

  10. Oh this is so fun! Best part of life for sure! Best mom advice? Soak it up. Enjoy it. Take in the moments. It goes fast. Love the heck out of them the way that YOU know how to do…follow your heart and do what works for you and your family.

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