i run. do you?

I grew up running.  It’s what I know better than anything else.  Running is always there.  That’s why I love running so much.

Running is a lot of things to me.

My mom was a runner, and I wanted to be just like my mom.

Running led me to my husband, BJ.  We met at a local fun run – and he even proposed on a run!

Running has taken me through New Zealand (Queenstown, Blenheim, Fox Glacier, Auckland, Waiheke Island), Panama, Paris, Frankfurt, Brazil, Brussels, Argentina…New York City, Boston, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Sun Valley, Boise, Washington DC…over the Golden Gate Bridge, through vineyards, up and over Heartbreak Hill, around the National Mall, starting at Mt. Hood and finishing on the Coast of Seaside…

Running paid for (most of) college.

Running introduced me to some of my best friends.

Running carried me through my first pregnancy – and I even ran a race at 7 months!

Running has humbled me.  Many times.

Running has me pushing a running stroller with LJ – and embracing my new role as mother runner.

Running started as a 50m sprint and has (slowly) increased over the years: 100m, 200m, 400m (+ hurdles), 5k, 10k, 10 mile, Half Marathon, Marathon.

Running pays my bills.  Literally.  I get paid to run.

Running lets me indulge in margaritas. wine. ice cream. chocolate.  I could go on…

Running gave me the opportunity to meet some running greats: Bill Rodgers,Desi Davilla, Christy Wellington, Scott Jurek, Nick Symmonds, Josh Cox.

Running keeps me healthy and happy.

I love running.  Happy National Running Day. 



Do you run?  Tell me what you love about running?


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  1. My mom ran too! Running helps me clear my mind and calm my nerves… I need to go out and get my National Running Day run in ASAP for this very reason!

  2. So awesome! It’s fun that you are a lifetime runner and I am a new(er) runner starting in 2010 and yet we love so many of the same things about the sport!

  3. I love this! I gotta ask – when did you run in Brazil?! Running to me keeps my body feeling whole. I do crossfit and have done other things but nothing gives me quiet the feeling of a good long run.

  4. Love this and love any chance to run in new countries! Running took me through Ireland, Germany and London summer of 2012 an will take me along the Ocean this summer on a cruise, and I’ll attempt to sneak in runs on our short shore time in Belize, Honduras and Cozumel!

  5. Loved reading this! I did not grow up as a runner (like you) but fell in love with it after college. I love the diversity in running and that folks from all walks of life can and do run. I love how running makes me feel. Running has also taken me a lot of places and I love being able to see a city by foot!

  6. I love running because it has brought amazing people like you into my life.. it has truly filled me with joy.

  7. i’m a few days late reading this post but!!!!…….got a couple miles in that day. I’m not a natural born runner….like, I used to dry heave and think bad thoughts and I thought all runners were insane…but now I love it…like…love. Running lets me release stress, eat cookies, get stronger and healthier, eat a few more cookies, and push the limits of what my body can do. It also gives me some much needed mommy breaks and the energy to keep up with 3 busy kiddo’s. =)

  8. You are very fortunate that you can make money with running!! Good for you!

  9. I love love love this post. Such a positive community. Running is everything. ♥

  10. When I’m stressed, I just run and automatically, my mind clears up. Makes me more focused on the important things. Running made my life a lot better. I met good friends. I learned how to set a goal and really push myself, try to really push my limits. I just love running!


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