salsa verde chicken

I registered for & received a crockpot for my wedding. 4.5 years ago. And I haven’t used it since.

That all changed 3 weeks ago when I decided I wanted to cook more and had a little extra time on my hands. Cooking with a crockpot is fun! You just throw everything in and come back 8 hours later. viola. Dinner.

I was craving fajitas or some variation of the dish, so I decided to try {salsa verde chicken}. For starters, this recipe is so easy (hello, 3 ingredients + seasoning), but what I loved most is that there are endless possibilities with this dish. Avocado, cilantro, salsa, tortillas, cheese, you can add – or take away – anything you want and it’s still delicious!

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For dinner, I ate salsa verde chicken with tortilla, cheese, cilantro, avocado and a side of sauteed peppers & onions; for lunch the next day, I served over rice with avocado and cilantro. Both ways are yummy – or you can make it any way you want!

1.5 lbs of Chicken
8 oz jar of Salsa Verde
1 beer (I used a lager because I’m pregnant and there aren’t many alcoholic choices in our house, but I’d probably use Corona or Modela next time)
1 tbsp cumin photo 1 (7)
salt & pepper

Toppings (add or delete as desired) 
sour cream
sauteed peppers & onions
rice & black beans

Combine ingredients in crockpot, stir to mix everything together. Program to 8 hours and start. 30 minutes prior to serving, shred chicken. Serve as a fajita, over a salad, or alone.



How do you like to eat your fajitas?


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  1. This looks delicious– can’t wait to try this!

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