Fireworks, Beer and an 8k

I hope everyone had a great 4th! I certainly did!

BJ and I woke up early on Saturday morning to run a local 8k. It was a super low-key race put on by the Potomac Valley Track Club – and it only cost $5.00 – even better! The weather was insanely perfect (cool breeze, sun shining) which resulted in a record number of runners (260) for the “Go Fourth” 8k.

The DC area is blessed with some hundred miles of trails – and the run took place on the Mt. Vernon trail (yes, the trail starts/ends (whichever way you look at it) at G. Washington’s house). It was an out and back, mostly shaded, with a few hills for some variety.

I started the race at the front of the pack aka with the super fast runners. I crossed mile 1 in 6:20 – yikes!! Too fast for me, so I eased up the pace and settled into my 7-something pace. I typically pass people because I start in the middle of the pack and work my way up; however, I did no passing on Saturday and instead only got passed. It was a little disheartening but I knew that I was running the pace I should be running and was still on track for a great race.

Okay, I lied; I did pass one person, at the end of the race, while I was sprinting to the finish. As a former college sprinter, I can typically pass people at the end with my strong kick – finally, my sprinting days paid off! I crossed the finish line in 35:45 – and grabbed a piece of watermelon, the delicious after-race treat!

I got 3rd in my age group (20-29) and 8th overall for women – so I feel pretty good about the “Go Fourth” 8k! BJ had a great race, too. He ran a PR pace – and was in a better mood than he typically is after a race! (haha)

I had a great time running the 4th of July race – and we were really able to enjoy our day together because we got our workout in early and didn’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day. I (we) can’t wait to run it again next year! At night we had a bunch of friends over for appetizers and drinks – and then went to the rooftop of BJ’s condo building to watch the DC fireworks. America’s 233rd Birthday was a good one!

Time: 35:45 (7:11 pace)
Overall: 46/260
Women: 8/116
Age Group (20-29): 3/47

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  1. So, this is kinda stalker-ish, but Kathy Powell sent me your blog b/c she thought I might like it (I just did my first tri earlier in the summer, and signed up for another one in August). Anyhow, just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that KP told me to spy on you 🙂 Your blog is hillarious, I love it and will be back to read it often!

    – Jen Johnson

  2. Congratulations – great race!!!

  3. Great job on the race! I have been to Mt Vernon and it is beautiful! Must have been great to run there!

  4. Congrats on the race! You're a speedster!

  5. Nice job! You are super fast!


  6. Congrats speedy! Sounds like a great race! 5$? that's a steal! ha ha ha!

    Cute pic too! Hope you had a great holiday!

  7. Wow you are fast! What a cool place to run and so cheap. Glad you had a great 4th.

  8. Congratulations! Very speedy!

    (And wow, five bucks for a race? I'd be all over that!)

  9. Sounds like you had a great time on the 4th! Early morning run, hardware, watermelon, friends, drinks – can't beat that! Congratulations on a speedy performance.

  10. congrats on your race! i was waiting to hear about it.

  11. Dang girl, you worked it out. Nice job!! Cute pic too.

  12. Hi! I just found your blog; congrats on a great race! A post run watermelon sounds so yummy…. will definitely have some chilling in the fridge for me for my next run!
    And your new cruiser bike is so pretty! I live in a flat beach town and everyone rides cruisers. I finally upgraded to a mountain bike, but I've got a soft spot for cruisers! 🙂

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