Final Days: Dick’s Sporting Goods $100 Giveaway on Twitter

Ok, so you only have 2 days left for your chance to win a $100 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy whatever your heart desires!

This giveaway (on Twitter) is NO JOKE and totally legit! Dick’s sponsored my very first giveaway ever – and gave one of my lucky readers a $100 gift card. Ever cooler, I was the Day 12 winner of a $100 gift card!!!! I had been day dreaming about a new Speedo – and could finally buy it. For free!

So, here’s how you win:

1) Log on to Twitter ASAP (or sign up for an account)
2) Follow @dickssportcmo on Twitter
3) RT @dickssportcmo with an answer to this question: What would you get at Dick’s with $100 and why?

Yes, it really is that easy to win $100!

Seriously, you should do it – you’ll thank me later when you have a new ______________ (fill in the blank)!

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  1. I have entered quite a few times, and no luck here but Ill try for 2 more days, send some good luck vibes my way…….

    My BFF just bought me the cutest Adidas running top and skirt there, I'll be posing in it on my blog soon!!

  2. I hope I win! I need some new running shoes soo bad! I'm supposed to run in a 10K next month and my shoes right now are so bad that they make my feet sore! Oh no! Obviously I've run a few too many miles in my current shoes, so I seriously need some shoes:)

    Thanks for the heads up!

  3. mwhhhaaaa I still have my lucky winning card…I'm just trying to decide what I want the most!!!

  4. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Thanks for that!

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