Inaugural Clarendon Day 10k

Race 3 of 4, in 4 weekends

I have two statements that I can not wait to share:

1) I got 3rd overall (women)
2) I won prize money

Almost 1,500 runners gathered to run the Inaugural Clarendon Day 10k. Since this was my 3rd race, in 3 weekends, I was ready for a no frills, no travel, close to home, easy race. I could not have asked for anything more perfect. The race started at 9am; BJ and I left the place at 8:50am and walked to the start, 2 blocks away. The weather was great: a little overcast with a nice, cool breeze – it was perfect running weather.

BJ and I got to the start (I like to be as close to the start as possible to avoid running around everyone), saw a couple of people we knew and casually chatted to the runners around us. Since this was such a casual race and I had no expectations, I was really able to enjoy myself (sometimes my competitive side gets in the way of me having fun). My only goal: beat my 10k PR time, which was 45:33.

The first mile was flat, fast and downhill. I hit Mile 1 in 6:06. I was running toward the front of the group but felt strong and didn’t want to let up. Since the 5k and 10k races started at the same time and shared the first 2.5 miles, I couldn’t tell which runners were my competition or 5k runners. At the 2.5 mile mark, 5k runners split and 2 women that were in front me went the 5k direction. Okay, cool! At this point, I was not sure where I “stood” among the 10k runners but I knew that I needed to keep running strong and not worry about the runners behind me. Mile 3: 19:00. Mile 3.5 – Turnaround point: I’M IN THIRD!! Now, I definitely felt strong! I did see one girl, who I “know” from the local running community, that might have been able to catch me – and I did not want that to happen. Must.Run.Faster! As I was running back I saw BJ – he was so excited to see me and yelled: “I think you are in third – get it Mel”. I yelled back: “I am…!!!” (now, that’s a good feeling!!!) I hit Mile 5 and for the first time the entire race I thought, I’m tired – but I knew I was so close to the finish that I could push through any pain that I felt. Mile 5.5 – back in the game. Less than 1 mile to go – and still in 3rd – I picked up the pace, and sprinted it in.

Finish Line: 3rd place!!!! (WaHoo!!)

Ok, so I never win anything – I’m always right on the verge – and always 4th. But I got 3rd! Overall! And I CAN NOT believe it!

BJ was so proud of me – and it was just really fun to have my favorite running partner cheering me on when I got my 3rd place prize money!

: 37/884
Women: 3/ I can’t figure out how many women ran the race but I promise it was more than 3!
Time: 41:37 (6:42 pace and new PR!!)

This was a great inaugural race – and really well organized. I love Pacers – it’s a family (of runners) owned business and they put on great races (plus, it’s where I met BJ)!! The volunteers were great, the after party was fun and the rain just held off. My only suggestion would be more water – but that’s only because I always think there can be more!

I’ll be there next year, I have to try to defend my title. ha!

Score: 9.5

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  1. Duuuude! YOu are kicking ass and taking names. I love it!!! Congrats!!!! What you gonna buy???

  2. You are running with the "elite" crowd now. I can't believe you got third place so awesome!

  3. You are SOOO fast! That's so awesome! I could only dream of running as fast as you 🙂 Haha. Great job on 3rd place!!

  4. Great job! Cheers! (for your next margarita)

  5. Great job! Even if there were only 3 women runners you should be psyched about your time!!

  6. Wow! Congrats! 3rd Place? You rocked the race! So so fast. Really psyched for you. Awesome job!

  7. Congratulations!


  8. HOLY CRAP SPEEDY! You freaking rocked it! Hot damn! I never averaged that pace for a 5k let alone a 10k! GREAT FREAKING JOB GIRL!!!!!!

  9. That's awesome! Sounds like you're flying these days.

  10. Way to go!!!! Congratulations Speedy!

  11. Holy Crap! Your awesome!! What a tremendous feeling to fianlly get the 3rd. Next year, your totally going to defend the title – maybe even move up on the podium! Great job!

  12. wow way to go that's really exciting!! prize money…ahhh such a pipe dream for me

  13. Go girl!

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