SavageMan Triathlon

(Race date: September 18, 2010)

SavageMan is my favorite (and last) triathlon of the year. I love everything about this race:

Area – Deep Creek, MD is gorgeous (and hilly)

Course – Ohhh, it’s “savage”, alright

Volunteers – they are all so nice and wonderful

Racers – they are also, surprisingly, nice

Post-race grub – Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream? Yes, I will!

I’ve already made it perfectly clear, here and here, that I had not been training. So….the goal of this race was to have fun and finish! I can do that.

The water was very cold, even with my full body wetsuit, so it took my body and breathing a good 15 minutes to adjust. Another factor contributing to the breathing problem: I had not been swimming since EagleMan in June. Talk about a 4-month shocker. Overall, felt good (all thing considered) coming out of the water.

Swim: 31:03

For 2010, the course architect changed the bike course. It’s hard to say which course was harder – both have massive hills and challenging climbs. Bumblebee Mountain has an elevation gain of some 450 feet in a very short period of time. It’s not easy stuff. However, the best part about the bike course, and what keeps me going, are the motivating signs. And by motivating, I mean hilarious and sometimes, down-right mean (in a funny way). Here’s a few of my favorites:

“Outta Gears? Outta Luck!”

“Don’t you wish you had a 3rd ring, now?”

“Kyle Yost, Course Architect: 202-248-XXXX”

“You’re not almost there”

And, to make matters even worse (or better?), spectators are dressed in devil costumes. Not. Even. Kidding.

I love this race!!

Bike: 1:22:03

I felt strong coming off the bike – and even for the 1st 2 miles. But, around mile 2, something funny started happening with my right foot. It fell asleep and did not want to wake-up. (Has this ever happened to anyone??!) I ran/walked the last 4 miles with a prickly foot. It was painful. Overall time, not terrible – I’ll take it, prickly foot and all.

Run: 52:52 (8:30 pace)

Total Time: 2:51:10

Overall, I had a great day and enjoyed the race. It was fun to see BJ and a few friends along the course. I actually PR’ed – I’m using this term very loosely – from last years race (2:51:21) – but with little-to-no-training I’m happy I was even able to do that. 2011 – you’ve got yourself a rematch! Plus, I’m going back for mint chocolate chip ice cream.


Swim: 31:03

Bike: 1:22:03

Run: 52:52

Total Time: 2:51:10


In 2008 I finished Savageman in 3:06:32; 4th place for Women 25-29

In 2009 I finished SavageMan in 2:51:21, 4th place for Women 25-29

In 2010 I finished the race in 2:51:10, 4th place for Women 25-29

(with no training, and by “no”, I do mean NO)

It looks like like I’m destined to be 4th. Maybe if I train for SavageMan 2011, I’ll come back better than ever and maybe, just maybe, place 3rd!

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  1. Girl you are insane! I can't believe you didn't train and still got a PR and took 4th! Awesome!

  2. No training and still did well. Amazing

  3. awesome job!

  4. WOW! your amazing!!! 🙂 🙂 I'm so impressed by your awesomeness!

  5. That's really cool!!!!!

    Do you know how far behind #3 you were?

  6. you rock!!!

  7. Wow! 4th and little training? AmaZed!

    Running with the Devil part – yikes! Too hot for me!

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Good job considering the lack of training! You pulled this one out and still had fun. Now are you thinking about a full ironman? IMFL signup is today.

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