Waterholic: CamelBak Groove {Giveaway}

a person addicted to water

Some Most would say that I am a waterholic. {I love water, am practically addicted to it} I drink well over the eight-8oz glasses of water per day and BJ might even argue that I drink too much water. I drink {a lot of} water because I actually like water, not because I have to.

My only beef with {tap} water is that it usually tastes funky. So much so that I have to load it up with a lot of ice to mask the taste. I like ice (are you surprised?) but I don’t want to always rely on ice when I drink water.

Most recently, the ice machine at my office broke. Imagine my panic when I had to drink {more than} eight-8oz glasses of tap water/day without ice. I was in full-on hysteria mode.

Enter my new {CamelBak Groove} water bottle.
freshly filtered water. anywhere.

Some of you may recall my pre-existing love for CamelBak, most specifically that BJ hid my engagement ring in a CamelBak on the night/run that we got engaged. If CamelBak is good enough for my engagement ring, it’s good enough for me.

The Groove is a portable filtration device that promotes a healthy and hydrated lifestyle (read: an awesome invention). It filters water as you sip, so you can hydrate on the go. {my kind of water bottle} Plus, hold your breath, tap water finally tastes good!

Like most water bottles, it’s easy to refill and use – but unlike other water bottles, the Groove features a filter built into the straw. The Groove helps eliminate waste from plastic water bottles (think Dasani & Aquafina) because it provides freshly filtered water – anywhere! Water has never tasted better.

Since water is so important {as runners, triathletes, bloggers, foodies we loose a lot of water throughout the day} CamelBak is hosting a {My Favorite Things} Groove Giveaway!

How many disposable bottles could you give up in a year by using one Groove?/
I probably buy/recycle close to 100 plastic water bottles/year (I’m sick just thinking about all of the waste)

To enter you have to follow of my blog.

To win (please leave a comment for each):

  • “Like” CamelBak on Facebook – leave a comment
  • “Like” {I RUN LIKE A GIRL} on Facebook (my “fan page”) – leave a comment
  • Post this giveaway on your Facebook page – extra points if you link both {I RUN LIKE A GIRL} and CamelBak to the post – leave a comment
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{My Favorite Things} Giveaway will run until noon EST on Wednesday, July 27, at which time I will close the post for comments, choose 1 winner via Random.org and announce the winner with a (new) blog post.

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