{will run for margaritas} on Facebook

Hi Friends!

I have a new Facebook page 

{will run for margaritas}

I apologize for the confusion but I was having some issues with my old page.

If you liked {I RUN LIKE A GIRL} – please do me a favor and like {will run for margaritas} instead.

And since I’m such a pain, I’m offering goodies to “likes” # 50, 100, 200
even more reason to like {will run for margaritas} on Facebook!

Don’t forget about my Brooks EZ T Giveaway {HERE}

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  1. YAY!

  2. Done, and I think I was lucky 100 :).

    curious-what were the issues you had with your other page?

  3. Oh man, I just checked and it has 100 likes. Is it sad that I want to hold out until you get closer to 200 so I can try to win a prize? 🙂

  4. Love the blog, the title made me laugh, love love love, thanks for the chuckle, I'm running my first marathon, and I'm blogging my way through my journey of 'hell' lol you might enjoy it, who knows, love if I could have the support f fellow runners. http://53000stepsandthenablog.blogspot.com/

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