Clarendon Day 5k {race report}

I think the Clarendon Day Run might be {my} race. In 2009, I ran the 10k with no expectations and ended up placing 3rd Female Overall (and a 10k PR). This year, I ran the 5k with one very specific goal in mind {to break 20 minutes in a 5k} – but again, ended up placing 3rd Female Overall (and got my 5k PR).

(note: I never win races – DC is a very competitive area and overflowing with really fast people. So imagine my surprise when I crossed the finish line in 3rd place….)

Pre-race: hoping for a PR

I can’t imagine a more convenient race – the start is 3 blocks from my house. The race is flat and fast (with some downhill mixed in) and runs through the eclectic neighborhoods along the orange line. The weather is nice: overcast with a light breeze – great running weather. And, I have a lot of friends that run or cheer and hangout for the post-party. Clarendon Day is a really fun day in the neighborhood.

3.1 miles goes by pretty fast. I didn’t have much time to game plan or think about how much my body hurt {to run that fast}. I’ve been *dying* for a 5k PR, so my only concern was to run faster than 19:59.59.

Mission accomplished! I rallied between 2nd and 4th for most of the race – but with 1/2 mile to the finish, I secured my 3rd place spot. I wasn’t looking or even hoping to place, but it certainly didn’t hurt (and either does the prize money!)

Prize money!! 

Mile 1: 5:39 (feeling good!)
Mile 2: 5:45
Mile 3: 6:44 (clearly, I was tired)
Mile 0.1: 0:59
{Garmin Mileage: 3.15}

Time: 19:11
Overall: 23/693
Female: 3/395
Age Group (19-29): 2/163

Verdict: I really like this race. I like that it’s local and very close to home. The volunteers are great. It’s really well organized. And it’s an awesome way to kick-off Clarendon Day in the neighborhood.

I do, however, have a few suggestions:
Lower the cost
The 5k was $40 (the 10k was $45) – that’s a lot of money for a 5k. Especially one with very perks…

Bring back the shirts
Racers were given “commemorative” flip flops, instead of a shirt. Mine immediately went into my swim bag (aka I-will-only-wear-them-at-the-not-so-clean-community-pool)

Less {free} drink tickets
I’m sure the free drink tickets add to the cost of the race entry – eliminate Ireland Four Courts, and you can lower the entry fee. Once everyone is back in Clarendon, no one is going to Ireland Four Courts. {trust me}

The after party was really fun. I was able to celebrate with friends (both runners and volunteers) and enjoy a couple of beers. And I couldn’t be more excited about my 5k PR and 3rd place finish. I’ll probably be running next year, too.

Did you run Clarendon Day 5/10k? What did you think about the race? What are your thoughts about race entry fee? After party?

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  1. holy crap, lady, what a PR!

  2. Love this blog post and a HUGE congrats on the PR. You are fast and I dream of the day when I am that speedy. WOW!! You are right when you say DC is competitive. I love visiting there and seeing all of the runners. In fact it is the top area my hubby and I would like to move around once I am done FNP school, the Seattle or even Oregon area are second. We just want a more running friendly area. Again WOW on the speed.

  3. Awesome PR speedy chica! I wish I could run a 5k that quick. Keep it up!

  4. Super congrats!! You're gonna CRUSH ARMY!

  5. holy fast race!!! You are amazing!! Fantastic PR, congrats on the third and wow…just wow 🙂

  6. wow! you are speedy! Congrats on the PR!

  7. YOU. ARE. AMAZING!!! I will be back to read in more detail soon!

  8. Congrats on a super fast super amazing 5k time and PR! Those first two miles are so freaking fast! I like that they gave something other than a shirt. Seems like I have a glut of race shirts.

  9. Are you serious?! You are incedibly speedy, woman! Congrats! I'm surprised you didn't get FIRST place with that time.

  10. Wo. Now THAT is some fast running girl!! Well done!!! I love 5K and 10K races!!!

  11. Way to really chase down that sub 20 5k! Wowzers, you ran like a bat out of hell towards that finish line! Congrats.

  12. You are so fast! Great job on your race!!

  13. You blew away sub 20!!! I can not even imagine running that fast in my dreams. Girl you are built for speed. Congrats! I love that victorious smile while you are holding that check! Sweet!

  14. What's up Speedy Gonzalez? Way to rock it!!! $40 is steep for a 5k…but I hope you earned back your entry fee with prize money!

  15. whoa! fast racing!!! congrats on 3rd overall and the big winnings 🙂 and the pr!!

  16. Great job on that 5K!! Dang, that's a killer pace for the first mile!

  17. Pretty freakin' AWESOME!!!!! For me sure a shirt over those flops…for sure 😛 But prize money ?! Whoa! Coooooool! Did you at least earn back your cost of entry? 🙂

  18. Amazing!!!! I love the pics of you, too. So happy!! And strong!! Will you be at ATM? I am running it too 🙂

  19. You are so speedy! I would love to be able to break 30 minutes and for you to break 20 minutes is amazing!

  20. Excellent race, congrats on the sub 20, you are in a very select club now!!

  21. Way to go! Prize money, I mean I don't ever finish at the head of the pack, but I didn't know 5Ks had prize money! Congrats 🙂

  22. You are an amazing runner! Great job!

    I agree with your thoughts on cost — a bit high for a 5K/10K. The flip flops would go in my gym bag but one time with it would be fine. My shirts usually get donated or made into pillows since I am not big on cotton.

    I would love to start a race a few blocks from my home!

  23. I ended up in Clarendon after the race (made a trip to Pacers). Completely forgot it was Clarendon Day! It's always super crowded!

    I feel like 5Ks in this area keep going up in price. I guess it's because they are so popular…

  24. Congratulations! That’s just the start for you. Keep it up!

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