Marathon Must-Haves {giveaway}

Staring this week, I’m in full-on marathon countdown (I can count the number of days on 1 hand)!  I’ve started watching the weather, planning what to wear, and stocking up on all of my marathon must-haves.  {i’m excited}

Over the years, and as I’ve become a “smarter” runner (no more empty stomach runs or 90’s cotton for me), I’ve learned what works and doesn’t work.  And through a lot (I mean, a lot) of trail & error, I’ve found my favorites… 

The best part about all of my favorite things?  One LUCKY winner will win ALL of my Marathon Must-Haves (shown below)


utopia thermal hoodie: not only is this piece stylish, fitted, and technical, it’s cozy!  I’m rarely cold during a run, but as soon as I finish (and I really start to sweat), I get the chills – I’ll be wearing my (favorite) hoodie post-race.

KT Tape: ever since the (unfateful) day I stumbled upon Plantar Fasciitus, I’ve been a huge fan of KT Tape.  One of my favorite things about it (besides magical powers & healing) – a huge assortment of the fun colors {think pink}

nuun: i live on nuun (strawberry lemonade, please).  It’s the perfect marathon/training run go-to.  Since it’s mixed with water (and you can half the tabs), it’s easy on my stomach but gives me the energy boost I need.

hat: i don’t like the sun in my eyes, or sweat for that matter.  I rarely race without a hat – it’s the perfect sun & sweat protector.

hand-held water bottle: it’s nearly impossible for me to run 22 mile training runs without water.  Enter: the hand-held water bottle.  Small, sleek, and barely noticeable – I don’t leave home without it.

mio: make it yours! add a few drops to your water – post-run-  for a quick & easy drink.

body glide: i don’t know about you, but I’ve been the victim of sports bra chafe and it is not fun!  body glide is multi-purpose and does the trick (apply wherever your heart – or chaffing – desires).

nathan reflective running pak: it’s an easy and lightweight waist pak. The Nathan Reflective Belt is an all-in-one belt that keeps runners and their valuables safe.

gu chomps: i’ve never been able to hold-down gu gels – but gu chomps have been a lifesaver (and changed my thoughts about long runs/nutrition).  They are tasty, easy to chew and give me the energy I need on my long runs.

clif bars (not pictured): mini clif bars are the perfect post-race snack.  They are full of organic ingredients, engery and come in delicious flavors.  Yes, I’d like a Coconut Chocolate  Chip bar – yum!

{to enter}
Tell me your favorite marathon must-have  (and please indicate your prefered size in the uptopia thermal hoodie)
*You must follow my blog to win

{additional entries}
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{the deets}

1. giveaway runs through April 26, at which point I will close the post and randomly choose a winner.  Winner announced on April 26 at noon.  
2. contest is open to US residents only
3. winner has one week to claim their prize before a back-up winner is chosen
additional questions? contact me at:

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  1. My favorite marathon “must have” is a good sports bra! It took me a while to find what works best for me, but once I did, it definitely made the difference! (Mine is Champion, BTW!)

    I am a size S…you know, for when I win? 😉

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  5. a GOOD sportsbra! but I also am in love with hoodies. do I have to decide??? I’m a size S for when I win win win. 🙂

    hope your taper is going well!

  6. Favorite must have is body glide! Especially in the warmer weather… YOWZA.

    And I’m a small. 🙂

  7. I’m training for my 1st half marathon taking place in 3 weeks, and my must have so far is my hydration belt.

  8. I like you on Facebook

  9. Wow, amazing giveaway! Many of these things are my must-haves too – my Nathan handheld (though it’s starting to get worn out, time for a new one!), a hat, Gu, & Clif Bars. I’ve never tried nuun, mio, or KT tape…or body glide, which was unfortunate for my thighs after my first marathon. Other must-haves: Nike tempo shorts, Garmin, & post-long run pancakes!

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  12. OMG. This is such an unbelievable contest!!! Holy cow! =) My marathon must have is my sparkly soul headband! I have so many little flyaways when I run – the headband is a must!! =)
    I think I would be an XS in the hoodie =)

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  15. My must-have is flip-flops for after the race. I have to get out of my running shoes right away and can’t wait to free my toes!

    Good luck next week!

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  18. My “must have” is my music. I can’t seem to run without it. (and a good sports bra).
    I am a size medium in hoodie

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  23. My absolute must have? A good sports bra! No exceptions, society thanks me!

  24. And I shared your giveaway!

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  27. I hate running without a Sweaty Band!

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  33. My marathon must-have is my iPod. While I won’t run the entire time with music, it’s nice to have it when the going gets tough! – and I’d love the hoodie in size Medium 🙂

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  35. Natalie Fraser says

    My marathon must have is good socks!

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  37. I subscribed to your blog! My (half) marathon must have is chapstick!!! Even on shorter runs I always have to reapply my chapstick at some point!

  38. I already follow you on twitter! (Oh and size small for the hoodie!)

  39. I just tweeted about the giveaway!

  40. my marathon must have is my hand held water bottle. It holds my gu’s… everything.

    My size for the thermal is a small

  41. Hi- I need my KT Tape for my ITB “discovery”!
    (And I wear a medium…)

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  44. My marathon must-haves? Bodyglide, Balega socks, Nike Pro Combat sports bra. Mint chocolate GU! If I won I would take a size Medium. Good luck in Boston! 🙂

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  46. And I tweeted! I want to win the marathon must-haves giveaway from @run4margaritas

  47. I just tweeted about your Giveaway!!

  48. Chantal blanchard says

    My must have is the thing that keeps my glasses from falling down. I hate having to constantly push my glasses back up!

    I am a medium =)

  49. Chantal blanchard says

    I like you on Facebook!

  50. I like will run for margaritas on facebook

  51. Elizabeth says

    I’ve gotta have sunglasses if it’s sunny – I hate having the sun right in my eyes!

    extra small hoodie
    -Liz Rice

  52. Elizabeth says

    I liked you on facebook (can’t believe I hadn’t done that yet!)

    extra small hoodie
    -Liz Rice

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  54. Jacqueline says

    My tunes! My iPhone or iPod is an essential.

    Great giveaway! (I’m a small.)

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  57. I follow you on facebook!

  58. My marathon must have is body glide. Without it, my girls would be chafed badly!

  59. I am just training for my first 10K so I depend on ladies like you to tell me what I will need… but my best guess is that my MUST HAVE will be a pair of great, broken in runners.

    I follow 😉

  60. Holy running goodness, what a fun giveaway! My marathon must haves include my Luluelemon speed shorts (three pockets hold all 4 of my necessary gels) and the gels that go in them (at least 1 or 2 of which are Clif Shot Turbo Espresso–super caffeinated:)

    And I already follow you in my Google Reader

  61. I also follow your Twitter

  62. I follow your blog on my Google Reader. Best of luck in your upcoming marathon!.

    I’m no marathoner, but I did just complete a half marathon. We have a lot of the same must-haves. I’ve just discovered Nuun and love it. I prefer Gu Chomps, too. My favorite thing, though, is my SpiBelt. Big enough for my phone and any nutrition I might need, it’s comfortable and inconspicuous.

    If I’m lucky enough to win, I’m an XL!

  63. Am I the only dude to enter this giveaway? I am a fan of your blog, subscribed to updated and liked on Facebook. Would love to win. Anything too girlie would go to my wife, but I am certainly not afraid to use pink KT tape. Ha ha. My must have for running is body glide and my 2xu calf sleeves. They corrected calf issues and shin splints. Not if I could only correct the IT band issue…..

  64. Well, I am still 3 months out from the first day of marathon training but for half marathons my must have is body glide!! I’m sure I will add to this lust sooner rather than later 🙂

    Ps. I would need a large in the hoodie. My almost 6foot self has monkey arms 😛

  65. My must have would be music! I ran my first half without any(headphone broke a mile in) and I totally lost all motivation and struggled to keep myself going! I just need a beat to keep my feet moving!

  66. I’m already a follower on twitter! @alisenasu

  67. Awesome giveaway!! I’ve never ran a marathon, but I have done a couple 1/2s. My must haves are mizuno wave riders & nuun, for sure! (Size medium for me)

  68. Liked you on Facebook.

    Also, forgot to add my size to my “must have” comment: Medium

  69. Stephanie says

    I’m already a fan on fb but posted to my page to have folks find you on fb and your blog. My MUST HAVES are: body glide and my new love thanks to you is NUUN in my hand held water bottle. No more waist belts for me. (My size is Large)

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  73. I also already have liked you on facebook! Thanks for the most badass giveaway ever!

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  75. My marathon must is the handheld water bottle! Can’t imagine a long run without it! Oh, and I’m a size small 🙂

  76. My marathon must haves are body glide, my visor, fuel belt, nuun (strawberry lemonade too!), Clif Shot Bloks, and my Garmin 🙂

  77. I follow you on twitter (@daphyCee31)

  78. Hope your Boston Marathon is awesome!!! My must haves are Nuun – Grape of course, my lululemon Tracker shorts, BodyGlide, and homemade key lime “LauraBars”. I would be a size M, if I get lucky enough to win. Thanks for the awesome contest!

  79. My must have is my favorite running hat (from my first half marathon) and definitely body glide!

  80. My fav must have is a hat or visor – it helps soak up sweat, keeps sun out of my eyes and protects my skin! runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

  81. Well, I have never done a marathon but I walked a half marathon! My must have for that was will power LOL It is not easy to walk a half that is for sure and especially for the simple fact it was in Jamaica HOT HOT HOT.

    I would say other than will power, it would be a great pair of shoes!

  82. i like you on fb [username karen r m] runner_girl5k at yahoo dot com

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    How have I not seen your page or blog before? Love FitFluential!

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  87. Marathon Must Have – comfortable socks! I follow your blog on my google reader 🙂

  88. Leah Fowler says

    My must have running accessory is my running back, since its holds all my other essentials 🙂

    I also wear a size medium in hoodies

  89. I also follow you on twitter – and my second marathon must have would be a post race beverage (chocolate milk, margarita, beer, etc.)

  90. I have yet to do a marathon, but just completed my first half. I mentioned in my recap that Body Glide is a runner’s BFF. I didn’t use any, but REALLY wish I did. That and my Pure Connects.

    I have a Utopia, but without a hood. I would love to have a hoodie! Size medium, please!

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  95. My marathon must-have is Jelly Belly sports beans! They saved me at mile 21 of my first marathon.

  96. My marathon must haves include seamless running gear, vanilla-flavored Gu, my iPod, and a great support team! I love seeing what other runners consider their “must-haves” so I love this post (and giveaway!)

  97. I will run my first marathon this fall and at this point I’m thinking Body Glide will be very important.

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  100. I like you on FB – and jacket size would be Large

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  104. Great giveaway!!! I have my third marathon this June and I am so excited!

    My marathon “must have” is my spi-belt — it holds my phone, gu, tissues and chapstick!

    I’d probably need a size M for the jacket. Thanks!

  105. I follow you on twitter!

  106. I like your Facebook page!

  107. First and foremost, as a runner I need a good pair of running shoes! My Brooks Adrenalines are my babies 🙂 but it also helps during a marathon or half mary to have good fuel, your Garmin, and a nice water bottle. But you can’t forget someone there to cheer you on….that’s most important!

  108. My marathon must haves ,match a lot of yours! 🙂 But I have to say, I gotta have my balega enduro socks! Those plus bodyglide on the pinky toes (I have a weird pinky toe blistering issue) and my feet stay happy for hours and hours. 🙂

  109. Marathon must-have is my Garmin!!

  110. Following your blog on my Google reader. (Got to say, I do love the name of your blog. Couldn’t be truer!)

    I am running my first full marathon on the 28th. The one thing I can say is a must have for any race is my good shoes. I am a Brooks Adrenaline person but right now I’m trying out Asics 2170! I also MUST have my Nathan handheld & my Forerunner 305

    When I win 😉 I think I’d need a large!

  111. Commented and liked on facebook! <3 Size L for the hoodie!

  112. My favorite marathon must-haves are CEP compression sleeves, and a running skirt.

  113. I like you on Facebook.. PIck me Pick Me.. Size Xl in the Hoodie, I have a large and it is a bit snug..

  114. Shared on facebook!!! <3

  115. Headed to share the love on Facebook.. don’t have Twitter 🙁

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  117. I already like you on Facebook (size large, please!)

  118. Number one thing I can’t run without- my injinji toe socks (no more blisters!) !!

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  120. My (half) marathon must-have is my Nathan Quickdraw handheld water bottle. This is a must-have for racing AND training!

  121. This is an amazing giveaway! My marathon must have is also a hat– I can’t stand the sun on my face plus it keeps the sweat from pouring all over the place (medium please!)

  122. Follow you on Twitter!

  123. And I tweeted about this!

  124. body glide, diet coke (for before and after the race…) tri berry gu, a good playlist, lots of body glide and a cute running skirt.

    size small

  125. My Must have is so similar to yours but I love my 4 pack Nathan Trail nutrition belt. I’m paranoid about dehydration 🙂

  126. I like you on Facebook (size L hoodie)

  127. I follow you on twitter (rachskye)

  128. Body Glide is my must have!! The chafing is what hurts the most after a marathon or longer. I’d probably go with a size Med for the hoodie.
    Great giveaway!! GuChomps and Nuun are both favorites with me 🙂

  129. I follow your blog

  130. Must have my garmin!

  131. I like you!

  132. I follow you on twitter!

  133. I’ve never ran a marathon, but I’m training for my 3rd half and my must have is my ipod! I can not run without music. I’d love an xl for the hoodie. I also follow you on facebook and twitter.

  134. follow you on fb

  135. Must haves… GU (jet blackberry or orange) my amphipod water bottle, glide, and a good sports bra!

  136. xl hoodie

  137. posted your giveaway on fb

  138. marathon must-have cliff shot bloks couldn’t get through a long run without them

  139. I’ve not run a marathon, just halfs so far…but my mst have is a piece of gum!

    Size small!

  140. I like you on facebook!

  141. I can’t run without music! And Chapstick!

    Size S please!

  142. I’m not at marathon yet, but for my half and training the one thing I can’t live without is rubberized hair ties. They don’t slip or pull!

    I “like” you on facebook. And as soon as my technology cooperates I’m going to share the link…. winning would be great, but its good to know the “must haves” too! But just in case I win… size medium 🙂

  143. Marathon must have is: a goodie no slip ponytail holder.nothing else holds my hair

  144. ooops,and lg hoodie 🙂

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  146. and on twitter

  147. I’m a new follower. Having not run a full marathon (yet), I would say my must-have would be water. LOL I can’t run any distance without water. The rest is just cherries on top.

    I think I’d like a medium shirt. 🙂

    I like you on FB

  148. My marathon “must have” are my CEP compression sleeves. I don’t run without them!
    I am a size small…for when I win 🙂

  149. My favorite marathon must have is my music. We get along so well, when I need it, it’s getting me through the miles. When I don’t, it understands that it can go back in my pocket. We have such a loving relationship. (Medium )

  150. Liked page on FB

  151. Follow on Twitter — haha. it just told me I was posting comments “too quickly.” I’m a runner, what can I say? I do things fast.

  152. My marathon must have? A good sports bra and sunglasses. My hoodie size, probably an XL

  153. My must have is GU Comps Watermelon….YUMMY!!!

  154. I liked you on FB…I’m a size Medium,

  155. I liked you on facebook! Size M

  156. Great giveaway! My marathon must-have–shorts with pockets to stash my GU!

  157. I follow you on FB. And I’m a size small

  158. Marathon must-have: green wrist/sweatband. I’ve had it for 3 seasons of Team in Training (don’t worry, I’ve washed it!) and it’s a lifesaver for rogue sweat and for making sure my Garmin stays on my tiny wrist!

  159. And I follow you on Facebook!

  160. And on twitter 🙂 (I’m sheenabean13)

  161. a size Medium Utopia please!

  162. My race day essential is my Garmin.

  163. * Liked on facebook

    (Size small)

  164. I follow you on Facebook!

  165. Size small. And my marathon must-have is BODY GLIDE!

  166. My must have is a hat or hair band to keep my untamed hair out of my face.

  167. I follow you on twitter…size medium

  168. I tweeed!

  169. Corinna Jones says

    Must have for any race – my super supportive hubby & my son. And I’d wear a size medium in that awesome jacket!

  170. Corinna Jones says

    I liked you on Facebook!

  171. What a fun giveaway! That hoodie looks amazing and I’d love to have that for next winter when I can fit into a size small again. 🙂

  172. Rebecca Samson says

    I stumbled upon your blog through Dorothy’s blog (Mile-Posts) and have enjoyed reading your blog. Love all your marathon must have’s. I would love to win!! My size is a small. My favorite marathon is must have is the perfect pair of running shorts. I prefer my Nike tempo shorts. I’m a Brooks girl for shoes but just love those shorts! Good luck!!

  173. My marathon must have is a good sports bra for sure! I am a follower! Thanks
    (Size M)

  174. What a great giveaway! I’m sure you’ll rock Boston next week 🙂
    My two marathon must-haves? Music and Dunkin’ Donut Munchkins- they were handing them out on the MCM course last year, I inhaled three and I swear it’s what got me from mile 23 to the finish line!

  175. OMG! This is the most amazing giveaway ever. I am obsessed with running gear!!! IA size largewould probably work for me… if it runs kinda tight… and I can’t leave for a run without my Garmmy!

  176. and you are ‘liked’ on facebook!

  177. Marathon must have = sport beans or gummy bears!

  178. I liked you on Facebook.

  179. I’m a twitter follower, too.

  180. My marathon must haves include: mocha clif gel, lululemon run free shorts, sunblock, and a decent headband.

    Sweet giveaway Mel! I would wear an XS in the utopia top.

  181. I follow you on twitter too 🙂

  182. Didn’t know you had a FB page, but I just liked you!

  183. I “like” you on Facebook!

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  186. Such a great giveaway. My marathon must-have is Thorlo Experia socks! My feet are in love.

    Size XS! Thank you!

  187. Oh my! What a fantastic giveaway! My most essential running must-have is Cliff shot blocks. They’ve never let me down!
    Best of luck to you on your epic Boston adventure!!! xoxo

  188. Oh, and I like you on FB of course! I’m a size medium.

  189. Great giveaway! My must have is my superfeet shoe inserts followed closely by body glide. (Size XL). I don’t normally comment but do follow your blog. Good luck at Boston. After all that hard training I am sure you will do great!

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  194. I need to wear s tank shirt. Size small

  195. foodgirldc says

    My marathon must have is a good pair of socks, recently ran one with a sub-par pair and ended up with two HUGE blisters.

  196. What an awesome giveaway!! Like you, I can not handle gels so I can not go without my Clif Shot Blocks. Clif bars are a must as well for my pre-race meal. These items would be ideal before my marathon in Pittsburgh.

    Size medium…keeping my fingers crossed.

  197. I also liked your post on facebook!

  198. My must have is body glide, it’s the only thing I cannot race without.

    I would wear a size large.

  199. My must have is my iPod. I need music when I run. I usually have a specific order for what music I want played during certain parts of the race. 🙂

    I’d be a large in the Utopia hoodie.

  200. I like {Will Run for Margaritas} on FB. 🙂

  201. I was already following you on Twitter!

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  203. I posted a link to the giveaway on my FB.

  204. i’ve never done a marathon but i’ve done 4 1/2 marathons and i need my iPod and my brooks ghost shoes!

  205. yes. i follow your blog and now i “like” you on Facebook…

  206. marathon must have – drymax socks! their no blister promise really works!
    size small. would love that hoodie for post-Boston!

  207. great giveaway!!! i’d love the hoodie in a L. my marathon must-have is perseverance — since i’ve never actually run a marathon, i imagine i’d need some mad perserverance to complete one!! love running shorter distances, though 🙂 (P.S. Follow your blog by email)

  208. like you on fb!

  209. follow you on twitter!

  210. Must haves:hydration belt, Garmin, Gu chomps, Gu and (non-caffeinated).
    Good luck in Boston!

  211. I “like” you on Facebook! Size L -jacket…

  212. Must haves: garmin and one of my bondi bands oh and my i-pod =) GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  213. I follow you on FB (left you a message) and I forgot to mention that I would love a large uptopia thermal hoodie =)

  214. I shared the love on FB =)

  215. I follow you on twitter =)

  216. Race must haves are my body glide and a moving comfort sports bra. Other than that, I can change it up! If I win, I will need a medium 🙂

    Lisa @ Lisa Runs for Cupcakes

  217. I tweeted @shanmall03

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    Lisa @ Lisa Runs for Cupcakes

  219. Just linked the giveaway on my FaceBook Page! Thanks!

    Lisa @ Lisa Runs for Cupcakes

  220. Christy Hammond says

    My marathon must have is an iPod (with great play list of course). Also a very supportive sports bra and body glide. With those 3 I can run anything 🙂

    (I do follow your blog and will need a Large when I win)

  221. Christy Hammond says

    I “like” you on Facebook

  222. Christy Hammond says

    I posted about your giveaway on FB

  223. I follow you on twitter! (@afhill262)

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    (oh, and I’d be a small for the hoodie)

  225. Follower!

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  230. My marathon must have would be my GPS watch, and Nuun! And of course a size small hoodie 🙂

  231. I follow your blog. I would wear an XL in hoodie. My must have is hydration belt.

  232. I liked you on FB and left a comment

  233. I shared you FB post and giveaway!

  234. My marathon “must have” is a handheld water bottle .. I really want the the size small Utopia!! fingers crossed!

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  238. I am Tweeting this sweet giveaway right now

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  242. I’m pretty sure I would be a medium in the hoodie size…

    • Oh and I forgot to mention my “must have”: Music (or most recent podcast of Adam Corolla), Whatever gu packet I happen to put in my running belt, some sort of gum to chew and $5 in case I need to stop somewhere and grab a bus home.

  243. Linked giveaway via twitter….

  244. I haven’t yet run a full marathon, but when I run my must have is my iPhone with my Nike + GPS App. It connects to my music and tracks my run for me.
    If I were lucky enough to win, my size hoodie would be a Large.

  245. I follow your blog via email.

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  247. I follow you on twitter.

  248. whoops did all the bonus, but not the others! Size Small in the hoody. Back when I ran marathons, I was poor with nutrition, but now I would have to say Roctane and Gu Brew for nutrition keeps me going.

  249. My marathon must-have are good, supportive running sneakers and Nuun! My size would be XS.

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  254. I tweeted the giveaway on Twitter (@ErikaMyers)

  255. Peanut butter GU all the way!!! (small)

  256. My marathon must have is my garmin and a good pair of running shoes. Size small for the sweatshirt.

  257. My must have is my garmin watch! Size large please. Good luck at Boston!

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  261. I just followed you on Twitter.

  262. And am now liking you on Facebook 🙂

  263. And finally I just added you to my Google Reader to follow your blog. Found you via a Tweet from @tidbits_of_tara. I love that you run so you can have margaritas! Great inspiration to get out there!

    I’m a newbie runner – slow but steadily working at it. Your contest is a great inspiration for me to hop on that treadmill – the thought of all that great gear makes me want to RUN!

  264. I just found your blog! Medium for me in the hoodie.

  265. I follow you on FB

  266. I forgot the Marathon must have – it’s shoes for sure (but I’m only running my first half this year).

    And I just twittered your give away

  267. I follow your blog! Your training updates are very inspirational, you are gonna rock Boston! My marathon must-have is music and gels every 5 miles. I’m probably an XL in the Utopia hoodie.

  268. liked on facebook 🙂

  269. follow you on twitter as well!

  270. tweeted!

  271. My marathon must have is my race belt with all the little GU holders…besides all the other necessaries like shoes and a bra. I would wear a medium in the hoody. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  272. Training for my first full marathon, did a half marathon in December. My must have is an awesome playlist on my iphone to keep up my motivation. I have a medley of eclectic greatness that keeps me going when my mind tries to tell my body to quit. You’re awesome to offer such a great giveaway!

  273. my marathon “must have” is a sports bra that actually fits! I will only buy sports bras with real bra sizes (none of the small, medium, large business). it makes all the difference in confort on long runs 🙂

    I am a size XS

  274. I have many of the same but a few more are chapstick, post race flip flops, a pack of tissues, electrolyte tabs(post hot race).
    My size would be XS.
    Good luck at Boston!!!!

  275. Liked you on Facebook 🙂

  276. billiejean says

    My favorite marathon must have is a great pair of shorts! When I’m running and have to tug down my shorts every 10 meters because they ride up, that’s when running becomes my worst enemy! My favorite pair is the Nike Hero Mesh Training short! Just loose enough around my legs and rear, but hold on my hips well. (I’m subscribed to your blog!)

  277. billiejean says

    Like Will Run for Margaritas on Facebook!

  278. billiejean says

    Following on Twitter, too.

  279. billiejean says

    Shared the link to your giveaway on Facebook.

  280. billiejean says

    Tweeted, too! And the size of the hoodie: XS 🙂

  281. My marathon must-have is chocolate milk for post-race recovery!

    I would wear medium in the hoodie.

  282. I like you on Facebook (as Stephanie Wien)

  283. I follow you on twitter (@MPStephanie)

  284. I tweeted “I want to win the marathon must-haves giveaway from @run4margaritas

  285. I follow you on RSS!

  286. I like Will Run for Margaritas on FB!

    Also, I’m an XS! 🙂

  287. I follow you on Twitter (@citygirlcan)

  288. I tweeted about this giveaway!

  289. I am right there with a good supportive bra!!

  290. I follow you via twitter. Oh and my size for the hoodie would be a medium. Thx!!

  291. I posted your giveaway on Twitter.

  292. I liked you on facebook.

  293. I posted about your giveaway on my facebook page.

  294. I already do all of those things but I posted to Facebook and Twitter. My must have. ONE?? Garmin. Clothes to change into (’cause that feels SO good!), hair up, Balega socks….. THERE ARE SO MANY!!! Mostly though, this is an amazing give away and I would SO use it all!!

  295. Body Glide is my favorite marathon must-have. My preferred size is XS in the thermal hoodie.

  296. I Like Run For Margaritas on Facebook.

  297. I follow @run4margaritas on Twitter

  298. I tweeted this giveaway on Twitter.

  299. My marathon must have is this old running shirt my grandmother gave me the birthday before she passed away. It’s certainly not brand-new now, but brings back good memories – and I think a marathon gives plenty of time to reminisce!

  300. Already following you on Twitter! 🙂 @paulettezf

  301. My main marathon must-have is Nuun! Love it, keeps me hydrated. For hoodie size, Medium.

  302. Tweeted the giveaway.

  303. Following blog via Google Reader.

  304. i follow via your feed in my google reader, does that count? 🙂 i don’t believe i follow via fb or twitter though because i am bad about both of those media outlets.

    my must-have is my garmin (only because i like to have the stats to obsess over afterwards) or some long training runs and a ginormous pasta dinner, haha.

    in the event i am so lucky enough to win – medium please!


  305. Wooy, awesome gear! I wanna win & I’m a size small. My Fave marathon gear is my compression socks!

  306. My must have is my Garmin. I would love to win a size small!

  307. Followed you on Twitter!

  308. Re-tweeted the giveaway. Best of luck in Boston!

  309. totally following this blog. 2 of my faves!

  310. must have my nike free’s. love them.
    Oh and I tweeted

  311. Must have racing gear would have to be my ipod! I can’t run without music! And my size would be XL!

  312. I liked you on FB!

  313. I am following you on Twitter! @RoyaGhorbani

  314. I tweeted your giveaway to my followers! @RoyaGhorbani

  315. Well, I’ve never run a full marathon, so I’m guessing here…
    My favorite marathon must have, should I ever complete one, would probably be a personalized stretcher.
    My favorite 1/2 marathon must have is definitely body glide. And Gu chomps, gotta have a few chomps.

  316. I like Run for Margaritas on Facebook.

  317. Following you on Twitter.

  318. Tweeted about the contest.

    (Really want to win, can you tell?)

  319. I’m following you by email! Just found you today:) My marathon must have is my iPod. I trained for my first marathon with my iPod but got to the San Diego RNR and was told I couldn’t use it:( It totally threw me off.

  320. Following you on Twitter:)

  321. Tweeted the giveaway!

  322. My “must have” list – Ipod, Garmin, Gu gels, LuLu shorts, and DryMax socks

    medium jacket, unless it runs small – if it’s a small cut, large please.

    Can’t wait to hear about the weekend.

  323. I’d have to say my favorite is body glide or some other anti-chafing stuff!

    I’d be a medium in the Utopia!

  324. Like you on Facebook

  325. Follow you on twitter

  326. I liked on facebook, and posted a link.

  327. My 1/2 marathon must have is my ipod…and garmin….they both have come in very valuable to me on runs.

    My size is XL.

  328. I also posted on twitter with the link (my twitter is @CEB82)

  329. my must have: zensah leg sleeves or compression socks. i love them both. and I wear a M. 🙂

  330. i like you on FB

  331. i am now following you on twitter. and shocked that i am just now finding you and your blog 🙂 love it!

  332. My must-have is a pair of Injinji socks. I love them! They are all I run in! My size for the hoodie is Large.

  333. I like you on Facebook!

  334. I follow you on Twitter!

  335. My marathon must have is toe protectors. I lose my nails and these help me out a bit! I also follow your blog via email. Medium for the Utopia jacket if I win.

  336. I “like” you on facebook – Amanda Fritz Carey

  337. My favorite marathon must-have were the Race Ready shorts with tons of pockets. It was super handy for kleenex, Gu, chapstick, etc. They weren’t the most flattering, but when it came to crossing the finish line, I’d pick function over fashion any day! 🙂

  338. I Liked {will run for margaritas} on FB!

  339. My favorite go-to…this is hard.
    My oatmeal for breakfast in the morning.

  340. I’m following you on Twitter (@kellywils0n)

  341. I tweeted about the giveaway! (@kellywils0n)

  342. I liked you on FB

  343. I shared your giveaway on Facebook 🙂

  344. My must have is my Garmin Watch and of course my Brooks Adrenaline’s!

  345. I follow you on Twitter!

  346. beka brown says

    I must have guu chomps an dmy running belt with me during a marathon!

  347. beka brown says

    I follow you on Facebook!

  348. beka brown says

    I am posting this give away on FB too!

  349. My must haves – a breast pump and moving comfort sports bra:) I’m currently breast feeding my 3 months. Both of those items go hand-in-hand!!!

    When I win, a size small please!

  350. How about a half marathon must have since I’ve never done a marathon?

    My garmin is a must at any race!

    Size small

  351. I like you on Facebook

  352. I follow you on twitter

  353. My marathon must have is gum. Just chewing gum while running keeps my throat moist, which keeps me happy. I can usually get 6-7 miles out of a piece of gum (Trident Layers come in alumunum wrappers and fit perfectly in my capri pockets!) and I always take 2 extra pieces with me.

    I’m a size medium.

  354. My must have is my Garmin. I also can’t go without some sort of nutrition half way through. If I win (fingers crossed) I wear a size Medium.

  355. I liked you on facebook

  356. I also shared your giveaway on Facebook.

  357. I like “will run for margaritas” on facebook! 🙂

  358. I follow @run4margaritas on Twitter!

  359. My must have is music!! Thanks for the giveaway – awesome!

  360. I’m a facebook fan now!

  361. Aurelia Ryan says

    I have yet to run a marathon but I cannot run a race without my shamrock shuffle hat!

  362. Aurelia R. says

    I have yet to run a marathon but most all my races I have worn my shamrock shuffle hat. I would like a size medium for the hoodie.

  363. Aurelia R. says

    I follow you on fb!

  364. Aurelia R. says

    I follow you on twitter

  365. Aurelia R. says

    I shared this on fb

  366. Aurelia R. says

    I tweeted this on twitter

  367. You are awesome!!! I follow your blog. My marathon must have would have to be my garmin, then my hat. Size small. Need to win my first marathon is April 28th, aaah two weeks!! Good luck in Boston!!!

  368. Like you on facebook!

  369. Shareing on facebook also!!

  370. Love this post! Nuun is my marathon must have and my Garmin is a close second! I wear a medium.

    Best of luck in Boston. You will dig deep and finish strong!

  371. I liked you on Facebook!

  372. Marathon must-have: my iPhone–music, pictures, phone for post-race call to hubby. It’s my NEED. 🙂

  373. I like you on Facebook.

  374. I follow on Twitter via @RunZoeRun

  375. my (half) marathon must have is my iFitness double pouch belt. it holds all my other essentials (shot bloks, phone, and i clip my ipod to it!). GOOD LUCK at Boston!!! (i’d take a size large)

  376. i like you on FB

  377. i follow you on twitter!

  378. i tweeted! (@courtneymelson)

  379. i shared on my FB page!

  380. My must have is my Garmin! My size is small. Would LOVE to win your must haves. Great collection!!

  381. I follow you on twitter

  382. I tweeted your give-away

  383. I’m working towards my first marathon, so TECHNICALLY I’m guessing, but my main race must-have is a ponytail holder. Boring, yes, but I can run without a sports bra (small boobs), shorts, or shoes, but I can’t handle running without a ponytail!

  384. I liked you on facebook! 🙂

  385. I just recently started running and blogging….I have to say that this blog looks amazing….this give away looks amazing also…btw i’m a size small

  386. I also liked you on Facebook!

  387. I’ve never run a marathon… actually I’m a C25K-er turned slacker. I need to get back at it. your giveaway just might do the trick…

    The thing I can’t do without when running is music, and I love my yurbuds! Gotta have em 🙂

  388. I’m a follower of the Blog

  389. I’m a follower on facebook

  390. I’m a follower on twitter as well

  391. I forgot to tell you what size hoodie…. I hate anything binding me when I’m being active…. I would want a Large if they run big or size XL if they run small. I haven’t jumped on the compression train yet 🙂

  392. I follow your blog! 🙂 My preferred size would be a medium AND my marathon must have is my Garmin!! 🙂

  393. I follow you on facebook! 🙂

  394. I follow you on twitter! 🙂

  395. Tweeted 🙂

  396. I already follow you on twitter!

  397. I already like your fb page!

  398. Tweeted!

  399. And my marathon must-have? You covered most of what I need, but I do love my flip flops right after the race!

  400. I just subscribed to your blog! It’s SO fun!

  401. Follow you on Twitter now!

  402. Tweeted!

  403. Bonnie Clarke says

    Good sports bra is my- must have!

  404. Bonnie Clarke says

    Following on FB

  405. marathon must have? havent gotten to 26.2 yet… working on mastering 13.1 and my must have for that and any race or run is my brooks pure flow sneakers 😉 large (if i win)

  406. following on twitter from @joesahfeen

  407. I don’t have a favorite marathon item since I run half-marathons. But, my new favorite item is my team Sparkle skirt. The skirt makes it so much easier for my family/friends to find me! Plus, it is fun!

  408. Body glide, a marathon must. Size M pls.

  409. Marathon must have-Garmin 405!!

    Wear a size large.

    Also “liked” on FB.

  410. My major must-have is obviously my Garmin!

  411. I follow you on FB!

  412. I tweeted about it! @ricoleruns

  413. Oh yeah, I follow you- elzatelzabelz at yahoo dot com

    Size-Medium? I think…

  414. Must haves: Sports Bra and Nuun. Size XL. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  415. Follow on Twitter

  416. Well, I came over here to read your Boston report, but don’t mind if I do enter the contest as well. I guess my only must-must have is Body Glide. I’ve switched everything else in and out over the years, but that remains constant. And about that Boston race–congratulations. I hope some day you’re proud of it. Amy, Katie, and I were cheering you on the whole way, and your strength and consistency blew us away. I know it’s not what you wanted, but at least that means some more CAR running 😉

  417. And I don’t usually go in for second entries, but I’ll add that I follow you on FB and Twitter, because I forgot to say I wanted a small jacket. Giveaways are hard.

  418. I have never run a marathon, but my long run must have is my handheld waterbottle! I think I would like a size large in the thermal hoodie!

  419. I like you on FB

  420. following on twitter as @stickyprints

  421. My race day must haves: iPod arm sleeve, hydration belt and Vega Sport endurance gels. I like their raspberry flavor!

  422. my must haves include–pre-race snack with peanut butter or almond butter, and my favorite running visor (that is now so gross it should probably be replaced before buffalo on may 27…)

  423. i follow you on twitter!

  424. I haven’t run a marathon (yet!), but after my half, I learned the full importance of body glide! I applied some, but not enough, and definitely felt it right after. Size is a large 🙂

  425. I also follow your blog and follow you on facebook.

  426. And on twitter. @ShivyRun

  427. My marathon must have is my ipod shuffle, I need music for when the going get tough. I am a size small.

  428. I follow you on twitter @ellenrunsnyc

  429. I tweeted about the give away.

  430. I like you on Facebook!

  431. Not at the 26.2 but what got me through the 13.1 was music and my GU.

  432. Liked you on Facebook.

  433. Shared your giveaway on facebook. Ill love a M, for when I win 🙂

  434. I liked you on facebook!

  435. I followed you on twitter!

  436. marathon must have will most likely be (I’m doing my first in October) Clif Shotbloks! I’m with you on the gels. Yuck!

  437. I retweeted your giveaway!

  438. I “like” you on Facebook! What a great giveaway. You rock!

  439. Following you onTwitter

  440. my favorite marathon must have is my gu chomps, yummy!!
    (medium sized hoodie)
    and im a follower 🙂

  441. i already follow you on twitter 🙂 @RTdanielle09

  442. liked will run for margaritas on facebook 🙂

  443. tweeted your giveaway 🙂

  444. I’m training for my first marathon and am a basket case of emotions. Luckily, it’s not until October so plenty of time to prepare myself mentally!

    In my half marathons, I can’t run without a BRIGHT colored headband. It keeps the sweat out of my eyes and helps my friends easily pick me out of the crowd at the finish . Also I have the same breakfast– 1.5 pieces of toast with peanut butter and honey. It’s tradition!

    Small for the hoodie 🙂

  445. Just liked FB 🙂

  446. I have to have my Black Cherry Cliff blocks! I’m also a huge fan of Nuun-strawberry lemonade. But the most important is my iphone- I love my music- and I can call/locate my family after the race.

    I’m a size medium. 🙂

  447. I follow you on twitter!

    I’m @heatherwinkler

  448. Just tweeted about your giveaway!

  449. Liked you on facebook!

  450. I think i’ve done everything I can! Just posted your giveaway link on facebook! Fingers crossed. Looking to my training for my 2nd marathon 11 years after my first.

  451. My marathon must have is my Brooks T9 racing flat. I love all Brooks shoes and apparel. The wear a medium uptopia hoodie.

  452. I follow you on Twitter.

  453. I tweeted. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  454. My marathon MUST HAVE: A really good sports bra!!!

  455. I follow your blog…obvs! And my size would be XL.

  456. I follow you on facebook too 🙂 Great Giveaway, thanks!

  457. I follow the blog, my marathon must have is the handheld water bottle. I would have a medium hoodie.

  458. Cara E Bednar says

    I love this give away! I ran Boston too and am excitied for a rematch in Burlington Vermont Memorial Day Weekend. I am also attempting to tackle the Chicago Marathon in the Fall so this Marathon give away is amazing in my eyes! Plus its my birthday tomorrow ( April 26th!) I’m a size medium. I just found your blog and love it! I also just started following you on Facebook and re-posted the give away to my friends since it is such a fantastic one!

  459. Already “like” you on FB-does that count?

  460. My marathon must have is swedish fish and my lululemon ruffle running skirt. I “like” you on facebook and today is my birthday (which I will be celebrating with a margarita after I finish my run this afternoon!) (small size hoodie)

  461. My favorite marathon must-have is a water bottle. I would like the hoodie in a small please.

  462. I’m following you on twitter.

  463. I tweeted about your giveaway on twitter too. 🙂

  464. My favorite marathon must have is compression socks. I live in them throughout training and wouldn’t race without them! If I win, I’d want a size small hoodie.

  465. I like your FB page!

  466. My must have is my compression leg sleeves for during the race, then a slightly older pair thats more stretched out for recovery. They are MAGICAL.

    And a size medium in the top!

  467. I liked you on FB awhile ago!

  468. I follow you on twitter.

  469. Followed you on twitter pre-Boston!

  470. Tweeted!

  471. Tweeted the giveaway

  472. Shared the give away on my facebook page!

  473. I cannot run a marathon without a pair of smart wool socks on my feet! Also, I’m a large for that rockin hoodie.

  474. @teach2connect follows you on twitter.

  475. I follow you on FB

  476. I tweeted your giveaway. Rock on!

  477. I have yet to run a marathon, but did tackle my first half marathon last Fall. My must have is my Nathan Handheld. I tried a belt, but I couldn’t get it to sit comfortably and couldn’t get into my running groove because I was constantly fiddling with it. The handheld is AMAZING! Definitely a must-have, especially when training during the Summer!

  478. LOVE your blog, just discovered it today! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  479. I liked you on Facebook!

  480. I follow you on Facebook! And my (half) marathon must-haves would be my music and my sunglasses. I have never needed body glide before, but the other day I ran eleven miles, and when I got in the shower afterwards I discovered that my sports bra had chafed a line across my chest. I didn’t realize it until the water hit it. I think I’ll be picking up some body glide for future long runs!

  481. and now following you on Twitter! Whoop whoop!

  482. Jennifer Cryblskey says

    I just ran my first marathon last October and while I really appreciate my hydration belt my must have was my husband standing at the finish line with his arms open which I fell into. Size large. And thank you for all your blogs

  483. Jennifer Cryblskey says

    I like you on Facebook

  484. Ive only run one marathon but I did learn about a few must haves: my salt tablets (which I had left at home so thank goodness for the pretzel vendor), body glide (which I don’t think you could ever put to much on) and my husband and two kids along the course (I never would have made it to the end, or the start, without them).

  485. Suzy Tyson says

    My must haves… Body glide, awesome friends and family to support my goals, and a positive attitude! Without these I would always be miles short of my goals! (and just in case I am picked, an XL would be great!)

  486. Well technically I do not start training for my first marathon until May. So… I guess all of these items would be so awesome to try out during my training 😉 But I would say for half-marathons I love my Oakley Sunglasses. I have light eyes, so they really help me from squinting or getting a headache from the glare on the road. And I am a size small in that shnazzy jacket!

  487. Oh and I
    I “Like” {will run for margaritas} on Facebook !
    And I
    Follow @run4margaritas on Twitter

  488. Love the hoodie! Sz M
    Thanks fo the great giveaway!

  489. My must have is my headband
    jacket size xl

  490. follow you on twitter

  491. Wow! This is brilliant! Good luck on your marathon!

    My running musthave is my garmin. I probably shouldn’t be so attached to it, but I love the thing! Id be a medium in the hoodie 🙂

  492. Already following you on twitter!

  493. I tweeted about the giveaway! @serunitynow

  494. Oh, and I already like you on facebook!

  495. I posted to Facebook!

  496. I like you on Facebook!

  497. I follow you on twitter 🙂

  498. i follow you on facebook…and i thought I submitted an entry a while ago but i’m not so sure it went through!

  499. Hope to run my first marathon in October. Currently nursing a stress fracture so arc trainer and pool running for me.
    Gu chomps have helped on all long runs- like you gu and I just don’t agree.
    Also need an excellent race outfit – usually something colorful so my fam can pick me out in the crowd.

    I think I would be a size med.

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