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Vienna Turkey Trot 5k

(Note: with the exception of my wedding post – which I promise is coming soon – I am caught up with races, and from this day forward, all posts are current.  Thank you.) 
My favorite triathlon/former work friend, BB, talked me into doing a Turkey Trot 5K on Sunday.  At first I was uncharacteristically non-committal and even waited until late Saturday afternoon to make my decision.  When I asked BJ whether or not I should run, he said: “You haven’t seen BB in awhile and racing is good for your soul.”  He couldn’t have been more right (it’s a good thing I have a hubs who know what’s good/bad for me).

I’m so glad I decided to run the race.  Vienna is close to my house (20 minutes) and I picked up BB on my way.  We had great weather (a little nippy at first, but not bad for November).  The course is an out-and-back course with rolling hills.  I loved it! 

I went out fast, probably a little too fast (if I’m being honest with myself), Mile 1: 5:58.  I should also point out that BJ and I went on a 30 mile bike ride the day before (my 1st ride since SavageMan in September) and my legs felt a little shocked from the combination of 30-mile-bike-and-5:58-mile.  However, by the turn around point, my legs were feeling good and my lungs had recovered from the chilly morning air.  
I spent most of the race in 2nd place (women) and could see the 1st place girl in front of me but just couldn’t pass her.  While I’m extremely competitive, I kept reasoning with myself (and I’m glad I did): A) She’s a high schooler and runs everyday B) If she wins this race, tomorrow (at school) will be the coolest day of her life C) I don’t have to win everything.  With 0.5 miles left, the 3rd place female took 2nd.  I finished 3rd place, all 3 of us within 10 seconds of each other.  
The other cool thing is that I never run 5k’s – and the 1st 5k I run in years I get 3rd place with a time of 20:09, 6:29 pace.  Maybe that’s the fastest I am at 5k’s – and that’s okay with me.  
Time: 20:09
Pace: 6:29
Female Place: 3
Overall Place: 33/786 

Recap:  This was a great race with wonderful volunteers and a great cause: supporting the local HS band and volunteer fire department. Plus, I’m totally a sucker for Turkey Trots. 

BB – thanks for getting me out there
BJ – thanks for knowing when my soul needs refreshing 😉 

3rd place medal, baby!
BB, 1st place female 20-29 (Time: 21:40)

mother & runner {how to be both}

 Auther’s Note:  Today’s guest post is from Lisa – runner, blogger, and mother extraordinare.  I met Lisa in 2011; you may remember a little race I ran called Hood to Coast with Team Nuun… I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Lisa during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  She’s a wonderful runner and coach, but most importantly, person – and I’m honored to have her blogging on {will run for margaritas} today!  If you’re looking for a running coach or need motivation in Fort Collins, CO, give Lisa a call.

I haven’t always been a runner.  In fact, I didn’t start running until I was forty years old and a mother of two.  I have only been a running mom. I had my second child at age 39 and was fortunate enough to be able to quit my job and give full-time mothering a try. At first, I was lost. I had been working ever since college in a very high stress career. Most of my social life was centered around work. Once I gave that up, I suddenly had very little in common with my work friends and had very few other friends.  

I joined a fitness group for new moms called Stroller Strides. There I met my “village.” I met fitness-minded moms who were setting a good example for their kids. Several of these women trained with me for my first marathon, the training that got me hooked on running. It was during that training cycle that I started identifying myself as a running mom.

Running moms. We seem to be a huge chunk of the running community, especially the running blogger community. My story is not really all that unique.  I have been asked by other runners who are struggling with the decision whether or not to become a mother. Will it change their running? Will things be different?  Yes and yes.  However, since I didn’t run before becoming a mother, I can’t say specifically how things will change. I can say is that each running mom has her own reasons for running.  I am going to list a few of mine here:

My son’s first 5k

  • Running gives me an identity. As someone who had a corporate identity for so long, it was tough when that was gone. Of course, I identified as “mom,” but was there more? Being a runner and a mom is a label I embrace.
  • Running gives me my “me” time. If I were to take off on a Saturday or Sunday morning for several hours to have coffee with my girlfriends or to hang out at the mall, my husband and kids might have something to say about it. And then of course there is the mommy guilt factor. But going out for a few hours for a run? The reaction is much different. My family is supportive and encouraging about my running.
  • Running gives me a community. Mommy and non-mommy alike, some of the best people I know I have met through running. In real life or online, runners are cool.
  • Running sets a good example for my kids, especially my daughter. I go out and run because that is who I am, not because I feel like I have to because of the calories etc. My kids know that being active and getting out there is part of life. They see how much I enjoy my runs and races and I know it will rub off on them.  It already has. My son has run several 5K races with me and my daughter ran a 1K and a 5K. They are both looking forward to running the local Turkey Trot this week!
  • Running (and fitness) has given me a new career.  I coach runners and have a special affinity for running moms, especially those who are taking it up later in life like I did. I also teach high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes as part of a mommy-focused fitness program called Body Back.  I am passionate about helping other women find their own fitness, whatever level that might be.
  • Running keeps me in healthy. I love being physically fit. I don’t run to change my body though. When I want to tighten up, define those muscles etc., I do some high intensity exercise. But to keep my mind and body healthy overall, I run.
  • Running keeps me sane. For all the reasons listed above (and more), I can’t imagine my life without running. It makes me a better wife and mom.

What kinds of sacrifices do moms have to make for running? Well that all depends on each person.  Most moms will probably tell you that the biggest thing you give up is sleep. I didn’t start running until my daughter was over a year old. I’m not sure how I would have done in that first year when she didn’t sleep through the night. But during a lot of that first year, most babies will happily travel along in a stroller enjoying the outdoors and all the cool scenery. You can also catch some treadmill time during naps.  As the kids get older, strollers get a bit trickier. I know some moms that can push kids in strollers for 10+ miles. My kids’ limit was about an hour. After that, boredom set in. I get the majority of my runs in during the wee hours of the morning. During the week, I need to be home before my family wakes up. On the weekends, we have various activities to attend. Even on days without scheduled sports games, chess tournaments or practices, I try to get home before the family gets out of their pajamas.

Lisa & her kids after “Color Me Rad”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Because Because my schedule is dependent on four people, not just one, I need to be flexible. I know runners who follow their training plans to a “T.”  As a running mom, that is often quite a challenge.  If my long run is scheduled for Saturday, I sometimes have to do that run on a different day or split up the miles. For example, in a few weeks, we will be out of town for a hockey tournament. The schedule of the weekend doesn’t really give me much time to get in my 14 miles that is on my schedule. I will try to get a longer run on Friday and a longer run on Monday, but I doubt I will have a chunk of time to get a full 14 miles in. Running moms learn to “go with the flow.”

Running and fitness changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but it is true. I don’t know what my life would be like without fitness and running. Don’t tell my husband this, but it is possible that I would have gone back to a full time job. But once I found my true passion, there was no going back. Still not sure if you want to join the ranks of running moms everywhere? Just remember that there is no one else in the world that is convinced that you win every single race you run.  You had to have won…you won a medal.  My kids are my very biggest fans and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Are you a running mom?  How do you do it all?

Lisa is a running and fitness coach and owns Mom to Marathon (and everything in between). She blogs at  You can find Lisa on Facebook, Twitter , Daily Mile, and Instagram

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Race Reports

2014 Race Reports

2013 Race Reports

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Personal Records

All time PR’s

400m: 56.87
5k: 19:11 (6:10 pace)
8k: 32:02 (6:27 pace)
10k: 40:20 (6:30 pace)
10 Miler: 1:06:20 (6:38 pace)
Half Marathon: 1:35:02 (7:15 pace)
Marathon: 3:32:42 (8:07 pace)
Olympic Distance Triathlon: 2:39:39

2012 Races 

Savageman Triathlon: 2:48:15
Lawyers Have Heart 10k: 40:20 (PR)
Broad Street 10 Miler: 1:06:20 (PR)
Boston Marathon: 3:34:35
St. Patrick’s Day 8k: 32:02 (PR)

2011 Races

National Half-Marathon: 1:35:02 (PR)
Potomac River Run Marathon: 3:32:42 (PR)
The Columbia Triathlon – Olympic Distance: 2:54:09
Lawyers Have Heart 5k: 20:13
Crystal City Twilighter 5K: 21:05
SavageMan Triathlon – Olympic Distance: 2:53:01
Clarendon Day 5k: 19:11 (PR)
Army Ten Miler: 1:08:39
Suntree Turkey Trot 5k: 19:45

Thankful Tuesday (is that allowed?)

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! I certainly enjoyed having 4 days off!

BJ and I decided to host Thanksgiving this year and we had a blast. I made my first turkey, ever, and it was a success. BJ can’t stop raving about how delicious he was (maybe it’s because we bought an organic turkey and maybe it has nothing to do with my cooking skills…). Either way, I’m documenting this one in the books – 1st Thanksgiving = success.

We wanted to run a local Turkey Trot but it sold out before we could register. Since we decided to host at the last minute, I didn’t want to sign up earlier if we weren’t going to be in town (in years past, we’ve had Thanksgiving dinner at his mom’s house). By the time I realized we were going to have dinner in Arlington, the race was sold out. So, BJ and I decided to host our own Turkey Trot. We ran the 4.5 mile loop were we met. It was also our 1 month engagement anniversary, so we were extra sentimental on Thanksgiving.

Things I’m thankful for everyday (and not just on Thanksgiving):
1) My amazing family. I seriously have the coolest parents and the best (2) sisters e-v-e-r. I miss them like crazy! My mom and sisters are coming to DC this weekend to go wedding dress shopping with me – I can’t wait.
2) A fiancé!! BJ rocks my world – and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him. Being engaged is seriously the coolest thing.
3) Awesome friends, a great job and being able to run (aka my health). I am so lucky to be blessed with such great things in my life.

In wedding news, we are this close to picking a place. I have called over 40 places in the DC metro area – and am not having much success. Although I have a feeling that we will be picking a place soon!!! I can’t wait to have a date and place. I know this is a terrible excuse but I have been slacking in the workout department due to wedding venue shopping. I feel like BJ and I go look at a place every other day. Soon, it will be over very soon.

PS – once I have a date and place, I promise to be a better blogging friend to everyone!

Google Search: MP

Have you ever Googled yourself? I mean, really Googled? Like, got down and dirty, searched more than “page 1”, and read the articles…??

I’m only asking because yesterday morning, coaching boot camp, one of my “students” told me that he had been reading my blog. Since he’s a super cool guy, I was not freaked out (actually, I think it’s kind of awesome that someone can find I RUN LIKE A GIRL when searching my name!). But how did he find it???

That’s right – he Googled me!

Well, you better believe I went to right work and Googled myself. I wanted to make sure there were no incriminating lies on the WWW about me.

Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. Beside the obvi Twitter, LinkedIN, FB accounts, it was kind of fun to read about old races and my college days. Here are some of the fun things I found – who knew some 1-5 years later they would still be on Google!

1) Sun Gazette – Arlington Running Roundup (I’m in a Newspaper article!!): At Potomac Valley Track Club’s Go Fourth 8K at Belle Haven Park in Alexandria, Edi Turco, 36, wrapped up another age group win, fourth overall in 28:56. Anthony Lee, 36, charged into 14th place in 31:00, and Tom Carey, 32, ran 32:00 for 22nd. MP, 25, carried 35:46, eighth among women.

2) Sun Tree Turkey Trot: Women’s 5K, Ages 20 – 24 (2007)
Place: 1

Name: MP
Km pace: 4:25
Mile pace:7:06
Bib #348
**I’m just finding out today, 2.5 years later, that I got 1st in my AG!!

3) College Choices 2001 – by College
These are the College choices by Track and Field and Cross Country Athletes of the class of 2001:
University of Central Florida – P,M– Satellite BCH – FL

4) University of Central Florida Track and Field Media Guide (this is my *favorite*)

Name: MP
Hometown: Satellite Beach, Fla.
High School:Satellite HS

Event:400mH, 400m

*2005: my senior year of college

So I wonder (readers, this is a question for you): What would you find if you Googled yourself?? A race you forgot about, a time you didn’t know you could run..? It might be kind of fun to see what you can dig up!

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Suntree 5k {race report}

I forgot how much I love racing in Florida – it’s (mostly) flat and the weather is perfect this time of year.

It’s been almost 6 years since I’ve properly raced in Florida – circa 2005, when I was in college and running track {ummm, I’m that old already?!} I much prefer the heat – I love racing in Florida and would move back in less than 3 minutes if BJ wasn’t such a sun-hater.  But I digress…

I recently ran a 5k in Florida, and while it wasn’t my PR, I felt really good considering I hadn’t really trained.  It was the perfect temperature – warm enough for me to wear a sports bra and shorts in December (!!!) – and my splits were more consistent than my September 5k (progress!).  I think with the proper coaching & training, I can run a sub 19 minute 5k (a big, lofty goal for 2012 – but don’t tell anyone I told you this).

My mom, sister & BJ ran this race, too and my dad was the best supporter/photographer on the course!  We had such a great day – I love being a part of a family full of runners!

Overall: 13/766
Sex Place: 2/441
Time: 19:47 (6:22 pace)

Family Stats
Katie: 24:31
BJ: 25:43
Mom: 26:03

Less than 0.5 to go!

Mom & Katie - post race

Me & BJ - post race