Chuck E. Cheese’s Grand Re-Opening

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

Mr. President has been asking to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s for months. The place where a “Kid can be a Kid”.  

When Chuck E. Cheese’s Fairfax invited us to their Grand Re-Opening Event, I knew we had to go. When I told Mr. President the news, he was beyond excited. We had a “Chuck E. Cheese’s Countdown” calendar in the kitchen.

Even a snowstorm couldn’t stop us from attending the Grand Re-Opening.

Newly redesigned, Chuck E. Cheese’s Fairfax location is one of the first in Northern Virginia to get the “new look”. And let me tell you, it looks good.

 Even the snow couldn’t stop us!

New Look

The new design aims to appeal to both parents and kids – it introduces more restaurant atmosphere for mom, dad, and caregivers, without taking away from the fun and games that made Chuck E. Cheese’s a kid-favorite for 40 years. While there are still bright colors and designs for the kids, the re-design introduces a calmer ambiance with warm wood, neutral tones, and streamlined graphics. Appealing to both parents and kids.

And don’t forget about the light-up dance floor. The kids loved the hourly show featuring Chuck E. Cheese and his friends; the show is interactive and fun. Plus, the light-up floor is just too fun.

I can’t say enough nice things about the staff at Chuck E. Cheese’s Fairfax – from the Manager, to the characters, and attendants, everyone was willing to help and answer questions. (It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a Chuck E. Cheese’s, ha!). Everyone was super friendly.

New Gaming Experience

The kids and I received our All You Can Play (AYCP) passes with 90 minutes of play. We had an absolute blast! From Air Hockey to Pirate’s Hook, the carousel and Stuart Little car ride, Hungry Froggy and Basketball Shoot, there was something for everyone. We never ran out of games to play, and earned as many tickets as we could.

With the AYCP pass kids can enjoy free reign of Chuck E. Cheese’s to play all the games they want in the time frame they choose. What I love most about the AYCP pass is that you don’t have to worry about carrying tokens, and potentially loosing them. The kids can each wear the bracelet (even my youngest at 22 months). Once you get to a game, you tap the pad with your AYCP pass and the game begins. When the game is over, collect your tickets and find a new game to play. It’s very kid friendly, and my kids – ages 5, 3, and 1 – had no problems using it. Another nice feature is that you can “freeze” your time if you need to eat or need a bathroom break, up to one time during your play period. When you’re ready to resume playing, reactivate your pass at the kiosk.

 We even wear our AYCP passes around the house.

New Food

You guys, the food is good! The pizza is delicious and crispy, and the salad bar is fresh and colorful. There are so many good flavors. I especially appreciate that Chuck E. Cheese’s features healthier food options for families.

The remodel features an open kitchen, which allows guests to watch the pizza-making process. The salad bar features fresh ingredients – veggies, toppings, and hard-boiled eggs. In addition, the lunch buffet is available Monday – Friday from 11am to 3pm, and is located closer to the open kitchen to highlight its fresh ingredients.

While guests can order at the counter, self-service kiosks are available near the entrance of the restaurant and offer a fast, simple option to ordering.


New Toys

We ended the night with 950 tickets – not bad for our first time to Chuck E. Cheese’s. The kids picked out matching slinky’s (which really makes my life easier because that means no fighting over toys) and have enjoyed watching them slide down the stairs.

There are so many fun prizes to pick from. It’s fun to be a kid!

The kids and I had an absolute blast! And I can’t tell you how many of my friends wanted to join us. With freezing temperatures and cold winter nights, we will be back soon.

We can’t wait!

Fairfax Location:
9404 Main St.
Fairfax, VA 22031

(Another) New Opening

We are lucky x 2 and had the opportunity to attend the Glen Bernie Grand Re-Opening, too.

The Glen Bernie location offers the same amenities, games, and food options. If you live in Maryland, you definitely need to check out this new location.

Glen Bernie Location:
6637 Governor Ritchie Highway
Glen Bernie, MD 21061


Learn more about Chuck E. Cheese’s on the websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Have you been to a re-modeled Chuck E. Cheese’s? What’s your favorite game to play there?


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That New Shoe Feel

Isn’t there just something about new running shoes? That fresh-out-of-the-box feel (and smell!), the perfect amount of cushion and support, and a fast, new feel. Man, I love new running shoes.

I ran in a new pair of Brooks Launch the other day, and had my fastest run in months. The weather was perfect, I felt really strong, and ran fast. I felt good.

Coincidence? Or new shoes?

You decide.

What’s your go-to running shoe?


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Opening Soon: Tom Dolan Swim School

I’m so excited about the opening of the Tom Dolan Swim School, located in the Arlington/Falls Church area. The location opens in early February, and for all of my local families, it’s located in the same shopping plaza as Target and Chick-Fil-A (now that I think about it, I don’t know if that’s a good thing for my wallet, ha!).

When the first TDSS opened in Dulles, I was a little jealous. I knew there was no way I was driving to Dulles for a swim lesson, but was hoping (wishing?!) I could transport the kids and I there here for the lesson and back.

You see, I’ve been on the hunt for a swim school that can accommodate three kids of varying ages and skills, but with a location that’s convenient for me. For years, I’ve tried different swim methods, lessons, and have taken breaks in between. I haven’t found quite what I’m looking for but with a 5 year-old that thinks he can swim and summer approaching, I need to get my kids swimming. Starting February, all of that will change. The Little Jonsesies (plus mama) will be taking lessons at Tom Dolan Swim School.

Aside from the location (which is a huge factor to me), there are a few things that really drew me to the Tom Dolan Swim School. First, Tom Dolan is an Olympic Gold Medalist and former World Record Holder. He built the facility and developed his curriculum to create the optimal swim school environment for you and your child. The role of the school and instructors are to ensure that you and your child are having fun while learning the important safety and technical aspects of the life-saving skill of swimming. Last, from ensuring that the pools have perfect depth and temperature for kids’ classes to implementing conveniences like online registration software and plenty of space for parking strollers, Tom Dolan Swim School was designed for families! (Which is especially important for me when considering schools – I have three young kids and I will be attending three different lessons with three kids).

Tom Dolan also grew up in Arlington and lives in Falls Church, so it’s fun to have a local celebrity close by.

Hope to see you at TDSS soon!

Here’s what you need to know:

Opening February 2019
6112-A Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA
(571) 933-8944

Upcoming Specials:
Register Jan 22-24 – Receive a free pair of Goggles if you register to start lessons in February
Register Jan 26-27 – Receive a free Family Swim voucher for your entire family if you register to start lessons in February

Register Here


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For information on Tom Dolan Swim School + Lessons, follow TDSS:
Instagram: @tomdolanswimschool
Facebook: @tomdolanswimschool
Twitter: @TomDolanSS

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of TDSS. The opinions and text are all mine.

Things I Love // Health + Running Edition

After 7 months off from fitness (but basically 4 years since I’ve been pregnant since January 2013), I am finally back to working out. It’s not quite as much as I’d like but it’s better than what I have (not) been doing, so I’m happy. I’m running 2 days/week and at the gym 2 days/week. It’s a good balance that feels healthy, manageable, and enjoyable. Plus, I’m starting to feel “healthy” again, and that feels good.

I’m sharing some of my current Health + Running  Favorites. I’d love to hear what your favorites are too…

  1. Running

I’m a lifelong runner but in recent years, running has been put on the backburner. With three kids in three years it’s been hard to run, let alone make it a priority. Now that I’m able to leave Baby W for an extended period of time, I’m able to spend a little time on myself. And that means running + working out. It feels good to go for a run – the burning in my legs and lungs is something I haven’t felt in a really long time. I have a long way to go but in the meantime, it feels good to workout. 

In my 20+ years of running, I’ve worn a lot of different running shoes. I’ve left brands only to return to the same brand, and worn many styles in between. When the Mizuno Wave Rider 21 launched (new and improved), I was excited to give it a test run after a nine year hiatus. Now in young adulthood, the Wave Rider 21 is exactly what I need as I transition back to running. The 21 is a neutral running shoe with enough cushion underfoot but without all the bulk. It’s fairly lightweight, offers a smooth heel to toe transition, and offers great breathability. As I build mileage and confidence on the run, the Wave Rider 21 will build with me.

I’m happy to be running on the trails again and think the Wave Rider 21 is a great companion. It’s a wonderful shoe for a neutral runner that’s just getting back into the sport – or for a seasoned marathoner. It’s versatile and making great strides on the pavement.

  1. Pineapple + Spinach Smoothie

I can’t start my day without a Pineapple + Spinach smoothie. Guys, I’m obsessed. It’s easy to make (so important for me these days) and so delicious. If you’re looking for a

quick morning shake or post-workout fuel, this is the smoothie for you.

  • Handful of Spinach
  • ½ cup frozen Pineapple
  • ½ frozen banana
  • Splash of Harmless Harvest Coconut Water
  • 1 scoop of Tone it Up Vanilla Protein
  • 1 shake of Flax Seed
  • Cover remainder with Water. Blend + Enjoy.
  1. Bulletproof Coffee

I kinda love Bulletproof Coffee.  And I kinda need it (since no one in my house sleeps through the night). A combo of Coffee + organic coconut oil + grassfed butter, Bulletproof Coffee is an amazing drink that stomps on hunger and cravings, banishes brain fog, and helps you lose weight, build muscle, and increase focus and performance. Plus, it tastes really good. It’s easy to make at home; or South Block Juice Co. for on-the-go drinks

  1. Athleta everything

I have a love/hate relationship with Athleta. But right now, I have a love + lust relationship. I pretty much want everything in the store. It’s probably a combination of losing the baby weight + running/working out – but I can’t stop buying all the things. These + these are my current favorites.

  1. Rosemary Water

Between breastfeeding and working out, I am constantly thirsty. I love water – so that helps – but sometimes I want to mix-it-up a bit. Enter, Rosemary Water.

We always have rosemary in our garden, so it’s easy for me to make. If you aren’t so lucky, you can buy rosemary at any grocery store. I fill up my bottle with filtered water and add rosemary. I love cold water so I pop it in the fridge for a few hours. Voila, refreshing rosemary water.


There you have it, my current favorites. What are you loving lately?



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mizuno. The opinions and text are all mine.

Recipe: Basil Pesto (Dairy Free)

Basil pesto pasta is a quick, easy dinner. Especially when hubs leaves for a work trip on Sunday morning. Plus, my garden has enough basil leaves for an end-of-the-season homemade basil pesto, making this the perfect dinner!

I’m dairy free while I’m nursing #3, so I made this without Parmesan Reggiano cheese. You can easily add it. It changes the taste slightly but it’s delish either way.


•2 cups fresh basil leaves, packed

•1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

•1/3 cup pine nuts or walnuts

•3 garlic cloves, minced

•Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Add basil & nuts to Vitamix or food processor, blend until blended. Add garlic, salt and pepper, and continue to blend. Slowly add EVOO while Vitamix is running on low. Mix until smooth.

Add to pasta, grilled chicken, or top on baguette.


Popsugar Must-Have Box // August

August is a month of celebration. It’s my birthday month and POPSUGAR is turning FIVE. Five years of curating favorite items for all of us to enjoy! This month is full of fun surprises and Lisa Sugar’s favorite brands. Let’s celebrate and get the party started.

Here’s what you missed in the Birthday Box:

Pastel // Cheers Lacquered Tray: My new go-to party tray. It’s hard not to smile when you carry drink sprinkled wIth colorful confetti and CHEERS. You can use the tray to serve guests or use it as a fun household accessory.

First Aid Beauty Mask // 5 in 1 Beauty Mask: One of my all time favorite beauty products, First Aid 5 in 1 Beauty Mask is comes to the rescue my tired eyes and dull cheeks. After 10 minutes, skin looks and feels brighter.

Dogeared // Friendship Bracelet: I love what Dogeared stands for but especially love this friendship bracelet. It’s the perfect way to celebrate a special friend. This is a daily reminder that your friendship means the world to me.

Meri Meri // Gold Glitter Candles: Glitter makes everything better. Especially in the form of sparkly candles.

Fringe Studio // Free Spirit Journal: A pretty notebook makes taking notes even more fun. I love the rose gold color, and Free Spirit makes me dream of fun adventures.

Goodie Girl Cookies // Chocolate Chip Cookies: Treat yourself without all the guilt of gluten. Crunchy and sweet, these cookies are the perfect treat.

Shoptiques // $25 Gift Card: Shop your favorite boutique from the comfort of your home. Choose stylish items from across the globe with this gift card.

August was such a fun MUST HAVE MONTH. Use code PARTY and receive $10 off your first Must-Have Box (expires 8/31). In addition to receiving discounts on your first month, when you sign-up you are automatically entered to win prizes throughout the month.

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disclaimer: I was provided a must-have box, in exchange for an honest review. all opinions are my own.


Working Together to Overcome the Challenges of Breastfeeding – #WBW2017

Breastfeeding is truly amazing, isn’t it? I mean you’re growing another human with the milk your own body.

But breastfeeding isn’t easy. It’s a learning process for mom and baby full of challenges and obstacles that can hit you hard and make it difficult to continue. In fact, despite the current recommendation by the World Health Organization to exclusively breastfeed for the first six months, less than 20% of U.S. women are able to do so.

There are some cases where some mothers are not able to breastfeed due to naturally low supply, health issues, or certain medications. But these cases are rare, and luckily, there are other options out there for these women, like donor milk and formula.

Moms that want to and are capable of breastfeeding need the support and knowledge necessary to overcome these obstacles and continue to breastfeed their babies well past the first six months of life.

This week is World Breastfeeding Week, and the emphasis is on “working together for change.”  I would like to do my part by sharing my experiences in overcoming the five most common breastfeeding struggles that new moms face,  so that you too, can have the best chance at being successful.

1. Knowledge is Power
You visit your OB/GYN throughout your whole pregnancy, yet they rarely discuss or provide information on breastfeeding (if at all). And your clinician and pediatrician seem to always give conflicting information on breastfeeding.

I am fortunate that I had access to free breastfeeding classes, support groups, and lactation consultants through the local hospital. But if you don’t have this kind of opportunity, it can be difficult to know what to expect on your breastfeeding journey.
If you don’t have access to breastfeeding education in your area, then the internet and social media are your best tools. Facebook groups were so helpful in my experience. Especially, the local La Leche League group. Gaining as much knowledge as you can before your baby is here will boost your confidence and help you be successful at breastfeeding.

2. Don't Fret Low Supply
Having a naturally low supply is rare, but does happen, and could be due to mom having insufficient glandular tissue or hormonal abnormalities. However, most of the time moms think they have a low milk supply when in reality they are doing just fine. There are a number of reasons why moms may believe they aren't making enough milk, such as baby suddenly nursing more frequently (cluster feedings), or when baby isn’t sleeping well, or your baby downs a bottle right after nursing.

These are all inconclusive signs that you’re not making enough milk. Counting wet and dirty diapers and keeping an eye on baby’s weight are the best ways to make sure your baby is getting enough to eat.

Most of the time low supply can be resolved by a few simple changes, such as increasing your water and calorie intake, nursing on demand, or eating lactation promoting foods, such as fennel and oatmeal.

If you are concerned about your supply, be sure to contact an international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC).  

3. Latching Sometimes Needs Guidance
From preemies to nipple confusion, from lip ties to tongue ties, there are a variety of reasons why your baby may not be latching properly. Your baby’s latch should be comfortable for you.
If you are in extreme pain while nursing or experience any pain beyond the first few weeks, be sure to have your baby’s latch evaluated by an IBCLC as soon as possible, as a poor latch can create poor milk transfer.

4. Get on the Same Page With Your Partner
Your partner can play a significant role in your breastfeeding success. In fact, some women don’t even attempt to breastfeed because their partner is so adamant about bottle feeding because they want to be involved.

If you are dealing with an unsupportive partner, I suggest sitting down and talking to him about the many benefits of breastfeeding and other ways that they can be involved. They can help baby latch, fill up your water bottle, bring you food during those crazy cluster feedings, and prop up your pillows. There are other ways they can bond with your baby like bath time, reading books, singing songs, and if all else fails, there is still the option of having them bottle feed breast milk.

5. Mommas Got to Pay the Bills
Returning to work can be a huge barrier to your breastfeeding success. You may not receive any paid maternity leave and have to go back to work before your breastfeeding relationship, and milk supply is fully established. Or, you may work for a small company, that is not required to provide any pumping breaks, and you have to squeeze as much out as you can during your lunch break while hovering over your sandwich. A hands-free pump will be your best friend in these cases.
But maybe you won’t respond well to the pump, and you’ll struggle to make enough for your baby. In these cases, I would try a manual pump or hand expressing and be sure that you’re staying well hydrated and getting enough calories. Breastfeeding when returning to work won't be easy, but just know that it can be done.

In Summary
Breastfeeding is a bonding experience unlike any other but doesn’t come without challenges. It's up to us to help new moms overcome these obstacles, not only this world breastfeeding week but for the 51 remaining too. Let’s do our best to provide them with the information, support, and tools they need to be successful at breastfeeding. Because only together can we sustain breastfeeding. 

About the Author
Jenny Silverstone is the mother of two, a writer and a breastfeeding advocate. You can find sharing advice and guides for overcoming common breastfeeding struggles on her

Popsugar Must Have Box // June

It’s summertime and that means I’m dreaming of sunshine, palm trees, and ocean waves. I’m a Florida girl – you can’t blame me for loving everything about the summer. I’m not sure I’ll make it to the beach this year (thanks to my 3 year old, 2 year old, and a new baby) but the June Popsugar Must Have box is a close substitute.

Here’s what you missed in June:

Billabong // ALOHA Trucker Hat: I’m going through a hat-phase right now (hello, mom hair), so I love the Billabong Trucker hat. Its ALOHA has me dreaming about the ocean + keeps harmful rays out of my face.

Captain Blankenship // Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray: I always dreamed about being Ariel, and while I don’t have red hair or a fin, I can still have her perfect mane. This Mermaid Sea Salt Spray is perfect for achieving gorgeous waves. And with organic ingredients like aloe vera and sea kelp, your locks will look naturally gorgeous without all the crunch.

Novel // The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo: I don’t have much time to read these days, but this juicy tale is making me rethink my time. I love a juicy beach read.

Aloha Collection // Ocean Coco Palms Pouch: I’ve got three young kiddos that get dirty, wet, and sweaty, that’s why I love anything waterproof. The Coco Palms Pouch is the perfect size for fitting wet clothes – and it fits in my diaper bag. Plus, the print has me dreaming about Florida.

NCLA // So Rich – Mermaid Tears: Keep your nails looking fresh with this cuticle oil that smells like honeysuckle. My nails need all the help they can get.

Belgian Boys // Mini Cookie Stash: Perfect for on-the-go kids snack, these mini cookies are delicious (and cute).

Meri Meri // Party Straws: I love any occasion that allow for fun colored straws. These blue & white stripe straws are a perfect addition to any Fourth of July bash. Cheers!

Starbucks // Frappuccino: Cool & sweet, indulge in the Starbucks Frappuccino on-the-go. Perfect for the mama who needs a pick-me-up but doesn’t want to unbuckle three car seats just to indulge (me!)

If you want all of these fun goodies delivered to your front door each month, sign up for Popsugar Must-Have Box and save $5 off your first month. Use code SHOP5 at checkout.

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disclaimer: I was provided a must-have box, in exchange for an honest review. all opinions are my own.

Instacart + Whole Foods Market (Northern Virginia)

I actually like grocery shopping but with a 3 year old, 22 month old, and a 2 week old, it’s a little tough to get out of the house these days. But, we all keep eating and the food keeps disappearing. That’s why I jumped on the Instacart bandwagon. I can still shop at Whole Foods, but I don’t have to worry about taking my babes to the store (at least for now).

Instacart is now delivering to all Whole Foods in Northern Virginia. It’s easy to shop – just download the app – and add your favorite items to the cart. You can write notes to your shopper (I love firm fruit, so I always note that) and they can send you questions/pictures if there’s something you’re not sure of. All products come from your local Whole Foods Store so you can be confident in what you’re buying (occasionally they come from the warehouse, but that’s uncommon). It’s easy and convenient, and such a blessing when you’re in a bind.

To celebrate the launch of Instacart in all Northern Virginia Whole Foods, take $10 off your first delivery. Use code WFMNOVA4 at checkout.

Disclosure: I have a partnership with Whole Foods Market and was compensated for my work, but all words and opinions are my own.
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Must-Have // Baby

Even though I just had my third baby in three years, there are so many new baby items that I wish I would’ve had with number one. Co-sleepers, swaddles, moccasins, and fashionable baby bibs – to name a few. Here are my picks for must-have baby items.

Dock-A-Tot: I’ve wanted one since I saw a post on Instagram. People swear by the Dock-A-Tot – perfect for co-sleeping safely and keeping baby snug. But there are so many more benefits too. It facilitates tummy time, creates a womb-like feeling, and is portable & easy to travel with. When I was pregnant with #3, I knew I needed to have one.

Now that Baby W is here, I couldn’t love the Dock A Tot more! My little guy is waking up one time/night – and he’s only two weeks old. (insert shock face emoji). He’s so snug and cozy.

Dock A Tot is Breathable, Machine Washable, Hypo Allergenic, and Made with NO Harmful Substances. You can feel confident and safe when using the Dock A Tot with your newborn. If you’re on the fence about the Dock A Tot, think no more. It’s one of the best things to happen to me in three years. Order here.

Luna Blu Mar: I might be a little biased – I’m co-founder of Luna Blu Mar – but our bandanna bibs are the best on the market. They are Made in the USA, adjustable (grow  with your baby), machine washable, and made with premium fabrics. When I couldn’t find a functional but fashionable bib for with Baby J, my sister and I decided to make our own. Even better? For every item you buy, we donate a bib to a baby in need.

Shop our Spring collection here.

Solly Baby Wrap: I LOVE babywearing. It’s necessary, especially with two other babes, but I also love the closeness I feel to my baby. I love my Solly Baby wrap, especially for newborn babywearing. Baby W loves being craddled close to mama, and I can chase after my other littles without worry.

Freshly Picked: Two words: Baby Moccs. (#allthehearteyes) I love little baby moccs – they are so cute and small. I’ve bought a pair of Freshly Picked moccs for each baby, and I love quality and fit.

Honest Diapers: I’ve tried every diaper on the market (seriously), and I have had the best luck with Honest diapers. I love the fun prints and use naturally-derived citrus and chlorophyll odor blockers and no chlorine processing.

These are a few of my favorites.
What’s your BABY MUST-HAVE?



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Disclaimer: I was offered a Dock A Tot for review. All opinions are my own