Coolest Giveaway E-V-E-R

This is officially my first giveaway ever on I RUN LIKE A GIRL – and I’m so excited. When Andrew at Dick’s Sporting Goods emailed me to see if I wanted to give my readers a $100 gift card (to Dick’s), I thought someone was playing a mean joke on me.

But fear not, Andrew is real – and so is this giveaway.

So, without further ado, pretty much the coolest giveaway e-v-e-r is: a $100 gift card to Dick’s Sport Goods!! I won’t waste any time – here are the rules to qualify for a $100 Gift Card to Dick’s Sporting Goods:

1) Follow @dickssportcmo on Twitter
2) Comment on this post with an answer to the question “What would you buy at Dick’s with $100 and why?”

Extra points:
1) Become a I RUN LIKE A GIRL follower (if you aren’t already)
2) Post this “Coolest Giveaway E-V-E-R” on your blog and link back

The contest will run for one week – so you have until Friday, August 21 to pick out/day-dream about the perfect Dick’s item.

Since (unfortunately) I can’t win my own give away – I’ve been tweeting my @$$ off @dickssportcmo for a $100 gift card. I’ve been dying for a new Speedo swimsuit – and secretly day-dreaming about the Quantum Splice Tankini and Midster for months. I literally stalked a girl at the pool because I just had to know where she got her awesome suit (Dick’s!!). I love it because it’s a two-piece without being too revealing – and it’s hot pink/black! (Plus a one-piece is so hard to take off – and they’re over-rated!).

Enjoy this awesome giveaway – and have fun shopping the Dick’s website for ideas. Pick something good – it’s 100 free dollars!!

Bungee is Better

Check out my new (bungee) laces:

Claimed Benefits:
-Turns any shoe into a slip-on (I like slip-ons!)
-Never tie laces again (Yea, T2 here I come)
-Adjust instantly (Easy as 1-2-3)

I mean, seriously, could my running shoes look any cooler (one pair is hot pink, the other pair is lime green)?! I’ve been scheming for ways to cut down my T2 time – and I hope these bungees are the magic answer! I can tell that I’m getting faster and stronger in all three areas – but these little guys might just push me over the edge to “elite”. Cue: reader’s laugh!

Okay, so I’m not even close to elite or anything close to what comes after elite – but I’m trying to cut down my Olympic distance time (for personal accomplishments) and not tying my shoes sounds like a brilliant idea!

I rock Mizuno kicks – and have for a couple of years (although I have been known to date and dump a number of other brands) – and I just love the way these bungees look with my running shoes. Oh yea, I tested them out the other day and they work just fine (but more importantly, look cool).

I’m noticing a trend in recent posts: that there are quite a few things that make me feel cool – so if you would, please add these to the list!

On a side note – do any other runners use Bungees (or Yankz, etc.)? What do you like/dislike about them?


P.S. A special shout-out to Stephanie at 50 Marathon Challenge for my super cool new banner – I love it! You rock!

No joke, it will save your life

So, I just got an email Edward W. (co-owner of Road ID) and my Road ID has shipped!!! I seriously can not wait to get it!!!!

For starters, it’s pink – so even without the claims of Road ID “saving my life”, I would still love it. But, even better, it can and will save my life (and it’s pink). I’m excited!

For those of you who are not familiar with Road ID, the concept is simple: “if you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t speak for yourself, your Road ID will speak for you.” The website is full of testimonials from people who have been injured while training – and thanks to Road ID, medical teams have been able to save lives with the information provided (your name, contact phone numbers, city, state and zip code).

I’ve been running for years and luckily, I have never been seriously injured (and I hope I never am) but just in case, I want my pink Road ID to help. BJ and I have been talking about the Road ID for months and I finally decided that May 28, 2009 was the right time to buy – especially with the race season in full swing. Now, I’m patiently waiting for USPS (first class mail) to deliver my (trendy) life-saving bracelet.

The best part of all: it doesn’t cost that much to save your life. I mean, let’s get serious – if I can save my life for $19.99, you better believe I’m going to do it.

Verdict (and all kidding aside): I think the Road ID is genius – and I’m really glad I decided to buy one. I can’t wait to get it and start wearing it around town – according to USPS tracking, it should be on my wrist by 5pm Friday night.

Two words: Road ID. Do it!

PS – I received a coupon to give to friends (let me know if you are serious about a Road ID and I’ll send it to you). It’s only $1 off – but, hey, a dollar is a dollar – especially in a recession.