Army 10 Miler

(Race Date: October 24, 2010)
I think I can honestly say that the Army 10 Miler (ATM) is my favorite race of all time.  That’s a pretty serious statement, and I thought long and hard before writing it down for the whole world to see, but there’s just no denying it.  I LOVE THE ARMY 10 MILER! And here’s why:

1) My Mom.  ATM weekend is OUR mother/daughter weekend.  Just the 2 of us to do whatever we want and no (my) sisters to interrupt us.  Since moving to D.C. in 2007, this has become our tradition.  And while we don’t technically run together, we both run the race and we both finish the race, together. 
Note: For those that don’t know, I’m fairly certain (like 99.9999999999% sure) that my mom is the reason I’m a runner.  The day that I was born my mom went for a morning run (the neighbors thought she was crazy).  I was literally born to run.  So, I think it’s really special that 27 years later, we are still running together.  

2) Home Turf.  ATM is on home turf.  Racing doesn’t get much easier than that.  And it doesn’t hurt that we run through the Pentagon and our Nation’s Capital.  Pretty bad ass, if you ask me. 
3) Weather.  I don’t know how we get so lucky with the weather (knock on wood).  This is my 4th year running and I’ve had awesome weather every race. 
4) Soldiers.  WOW!  I love seeing our Soldiers running the ATM, especially the ones who have been injured.  I mean, if watching a double amputee running 10 miles doesn’t inspire you, than I don’t know what does. 
A special “Thank You” to all who have served and are serving our country, whether you run the ATM or not.  
5) The “Feeling”.  I get an awesome feeling when I run this race.  People are everywhere, cheering on the runners.  The volunteers are incredible, with more than 1/2 being our Soldiers.  The after-party is fun!  There are bands everywhere.  
6) Expo.  I am a huge sucker for expos, especially the ATM expo.  Awesome vendors.  Awesome prices.  Awesome gear.  
I had a great race this year, and while I didn’t beat last year’s time (6:58 pace), I felt good about my run given (my lack of) training.  My mom and BJ both improved their times by 10 minutes – so I have a lot of work to do for next year (I can’t have my mom and BJ beating me – sorry guys, I just can’t).  
Overall Time: 1:12
Overall Place: 1,451/21,699
Sex Place: 179/9,601
Division Place: 58/1945

Recap:  I just publicly declared that the Army 10 Miler is my favorite race, ever.  So, I will, of course, sign up for ATM #5.  #5, I plan on beating #4!  Watch out!   
My crew: BJ and KP

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  1. fun. I like the "born to run" story with your Mom. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It sounds like a great race!
    I'm hoping the weather will be perfect for your race #5 🙂

  3. Aww!! I love that you and your mom share running! How cool! Great job on the race- you killed it!

  4. Woah, that's an amazing time!

    I just ran MCM and I agree, watching the armed service members run is absolutely inspiring.

  5. Definitely born to run and good to see that your are living up to it! Go ATM.

  6. Love this!! That is amazing that you and your mom have that bond, I hope my boys are runners someday..

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