Must-Have {Margarita}

It’s no surprise that I LOVE margaritas (look directly to your right if you need proof). Like really, really love them. There’s just something about limes and salt that make me fall in love…

But, the one thing that I don’t love is lots of sugar and lots of calories.

{will run for margaritas} Must-Have Margarita
(my version of the Skinny Girl Margarita)

Tequila {preferably Patron}
Triple Sec {preferably Cointreau}
Club soda or sparkling water {secret weapon}
2-3 limes
Margarita salt

Rum the rim of a cocktail glass with lime juice and dip in salt.  Mix 1.5 oz of Tequila with 1/2 oz of Triple Sec, add sparkling water and juice from 2-3 limes. Using a cocktail shaker, shake ingredients together, add ice, and serve.

Tastes just like a “regular” margarita but without all of the sugar/calories.


{drinking this margarita means that you can have more than 1 – which I do. regularly.}

Note: I am not a calorie counter (that’s why I run) but this drink comes in at around 99 calories, versus 300 calories for a “regular” margarita.


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  1. I'm not a huge tequila/margarita fan, but yay for a good margarita recipe that isn't super sugary! And… I love limes, too. 🙂

  2. I will have to try that! The sugar content is the main reason I don't like margaritas but this sounds good!

  3. Take that Bethanny! Sounds really good, perfect for summer!

  4. OMG! that looks amazing! So it has a fizzy taste a little bit? I am not a fan of the skinny girl margarita. It makes me gag, really.

    However, the Jose Cuervo pre-mixed "lite" margarita is actually to my liking.

  5. Best post of the day award!!

    I was just telling the hubby I wish I had a skinny version of my favorite drink. So excited to try this!!

  6. after the day i had, i might need one (or three) of those! lol

  7. Oh man, these sound delicious. I might have to make them the next time it's taco night!

  8. This sounds awesome! I love margs but the calories are ridiculous once you a few! Sounds like I have a 'new' marg to try!

  9. looks delicious!!! I love the jar : )

  10. OMG, some friends came to visit and they used that recipe, except the secret weapon, intead they squeezed a dozen limes. I don't remember what happened the rest of the night, but I do know that for the first time in 5 years I could breath through my nose… 🙂 (and they were delish)

  11. i knew i liked you immediately when i saw that you run for margaritas. a girl after my own heart… but out of mason jars? you are my long lost sister or something! LOVE IT

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