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I’ve had the honor and pleasure of getting to know Dan since joining Capital Area Runners in late December.  Dan is a father of 3 (ages 10 and under) and loving husband to Julie (watch out – she’s a biker/triathlete with legs of steel) – their kids are destined to be great athletes!  He gets up every morning at 4am (I have NO idea how he does it), runs with CAR (or lifts with a buddy at the Pentagon) and then makes his way work – Dan is career Navy and stationed in the area (thank you for serving our country!!).  More than being an all around great guy, he’s become my trusty training partner – and pushes me harder & faster with each workout.  It’s been a real confidence booster to have someone to train with – I find I’m never fast enough to run with group A, but always a little faster than group B – it’s a weird (and boring) place to be.  {Enter Dan Vogel}  Dan ran his first marathon, MCM, in October 2011 – and is working to beat his 2011 time, with a Boston Qualifier.  I have NO doubt he’ll run a perfectly executed race (and get that BQ)!

Name:   Dan VogelCapital Area Runners

Age:  39 (Is it wrong that I look forward to 40 since it means I won’t be at the top of the age group?)

Location:  Silver Spring, MD

Years Running:  Hmm. 2 in High School, jogging around for 20 years, just over 1 serious year back at it now

Favorite race distance:  Short – 400m.  Long – ½ marathon

PRs:  High School Track doesn’t count anymore so all my PR’s are from 2011:  ½: 1:31:41.  Full: 3:30:33 (goal is to qualify for Boston)

How did you get into running?  I rediscovered my love for harder running when I spent a year away from my family and found myself with all sorts of time on my hands to workout and run.

How many marathons have you run?  1

Do you cross train or lift weights: Yes.  About 3 times a week.  I mostly concentrate on upper body strength and or some total body high/rep low weight work because of the running volume.  I also swim and bike as the running schedule allows.

How do you find/make time to train:  I wake up at 0400 almost every weekday morning to get a the workout in before work starts.  I have a great wife who lets me leave her and the kids on Sundays – for now.

Favorite place to run:  Hills, tracks, and trails back where I grew up in Pittsburgh.

Favorite/most memorable race:  I ran anchor leg of my High School 4×1 mile team for the City Schools Relay Championships my senior year.  I had not really run the mile in competition much, but ended up chasing down one of the best runners in the city who had a full straight lead to win it for our team.  I never even broke 4:50 in the mile ever again.  Cue Bruce Springsteen “Glory Days” now.

Favorite pre-race meal: Anything that doesn’t taste nasty if you burp during the run.

Favorite quote: For running?  “Every journey begins with a single step.”

Favorite running shoe:  I’m not so particular to have one.  Anything that doesn’t blister?

Best running advice:  Every single coach I’ve ever had has always stressed the mental aspect of running.  I think you put in the miles almost more so that you are confident that you have made an effort and to mentally learn your body than for the cardio.  Getting with a support group of runners even if you don’t do every workout with them is also key!

Running accomplishment I’m most proud of:  Finishing Marine Corps Marathon with no pain or problems and never once doubting that I would.

What races are you currently training for?  Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, Pittsburgh ½, various smaller ones, and yes another MCM.

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  1. BUDDIE – Dan the Man! Great Bio on a great runner and a great guy!!! He is going to DEMOLISH Cherry Blossom and MCM!

  2. Dan is great! It’s so nice to run with someone who has such a positive outlook.It was fun reading his bio.

  3. Thanks Melody for the flattering introduction. It has been great getting to know you as well! Having someone to run with on long runs after mile 3 is great for us slower members of CAR.

    Just a few more hard weeks before you get to taper as you get ready to have a great Boston Marathon!

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