Rave Run: Tampa, FL

Name: Ben Mena

Location: Bayshore in Tampa Bay, FL

Distance: 2 – 20 miles (you can make it as long, or as short, as you want)

Why I love this run: When most people think of Tampa Bay, they think of palm trees, water, sun, and fun!   Along this route you get everything.  I love running Bayshore because no matter what time of the day, there are always other people running or biking !  Once you’re done with the run, there are plenty of places to go afterwards – breakfast joints after a morning run and restaurants & pubs after an evening run.  But one of my favorite parts is that there are so many opportunitues to run with the dolphins – often times they’re swimming right along side of you!  Bonus: Bayshore is a great place to run if you’re in town for the Republican National Committee!

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  1. I love Tampa. I could live there for sure! Thanks for the tip on the route.

  2. This sounds great! I love the areas where you can make it as long or short as you want, free of traffic lights and forced stops. I know where I’m headed if I ever make to Tampa!

  3. Ahh! That’s my city 🙂 A Bayshore run makes me so happy in the morning!

  4. Hey this is really useful, I travel a lot to Tampa for work and am always looking for places to run besides a hotel treadmill!

  5. Oh that looks glorious! I am jealous up here in PA, I miss the beach!

  6. So true, when I read Tampa Bay I thought beach, but this looks beautiful!!

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