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Over Christmas break (and by break, I mean PTO), BJ and I ventured to Florida to spend time with my family.  While we were there we met the Sgt. Major – an Army guy who works with my mom.  He also happens to work out with my mom, too.  Sgt. Major is in his late 40’s but has one ripped body – he’s in great shape and lives a very healthy lifestyle (lots of sleep, good food, no caffeine, etc.).  We worked out with Sgt. Major everyday – and over the course of the week, through many conversations about food and fitness, he convinced BJ that modern-day wheat is what causes a {wheat} belly. 

So, we returned to Virginia and BJ immediately went to Barnes&Noble to purchase the book behind it all, Wheat Belly.


First let me disclose that I have not read the book, or even one page for that matter, but after BJ read 100 pages we decided to give it a try.  The book exposes the truth about modern-day wheat – “no longer the sturdy staple our forebears ground into their daily bread, today’s wheat has been genetically altered to provide processed-food manufacturers the greatest yield at the lowest cost” – William Davis, MD and author

The plan: cut out wheat for 3 weeks and see how we feel. 

I’ll start by saying – we aren’t huge wheat eaters to begin with.  I mean, I love pizza and pretzels but I don’t eat pizza and pretzels every day.  Still, I knew that eliminating wheat – pasta, pretzels, cereal, cous cous, pizza, beer, (the occasional) bagel – would be hard, that I’d really have to think about what I was putting in my body before eating it.

I’m 10 days in and I feel really good – but I don’t feel much different than before (no weight loss – but I didn’t do this to lose weight).  I really like the way my stomach looks but I’m not totally convinced that it’s just from eliminating wheat.  Since the New Year, my workout routine is something that I haven’t done before – lots of yoga, kickboxing, and spin – and I know my body is changing from new workouts and cardio.  But, I will give Wheat Belly some credit – I know it’s helping the “belly bulge” and the funny thing is, I’m able to find alternatives when I want something salty and crunchy (corn tortilla chips!).   

We have 5 days left to complete “the plan“.  Moving forward, wheat is something we’ll definitely eat less of – but I can’t wait to have a slice of pizza and beer!


Have you read Wheat Belly?  What did you think?


Are you Gluten-free?  Share your recipes with me!



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  1. I have read the book, and the principles are sound. It’s an incredibly tough read. I love science rooted books but this one was incredibly boring. The first 50 pages really gave all of the information you need. It would have made a nice pamphlet.

    • I think that’s exactly how much husband feels about the book, too 🙂 That’s why I’m letting him read it and give me the major talking points, ha. Do you eat wheat-free now?

  2. I thought the book would be a little sensationalist, but I really enjoyed it. I liked that it hit on the reason why people have issues with gluten, as well as all it can affect.

    I read this after having done a food sensitivity test that identified an issue with gluten, so I’d already decided to remove it from my diet. Even if I hadn’t, however, reading this book would have definitely caused me to consider it!

  3. I read this over the holidays, too, and have been trying being wheat (really all grain) free for the last 2.5 weeks as well. I have inflammatory arthritis and have heard for years that many have found relief after removing gluten from their diets. I feel FANTASTIC. It’s amazing . . . I don’t have any of my usual aches and pains that I usually have to fight through on a daily basis. It’s like a film has been lifted off – things are clearer, feel better, I have more energy . . . I’m going to keep it up and see how it goes!

  4. I tested out the paleo diet a few months ago. It did make me feel a bit better, and I did have a little more energy, but it wasn’t significant. I gave it up for the time being though, as I realized I was spending, on average, another $3-4 a meal. Multiply that by 4-6 meals a day and it took it’s toll on my wallet. I’d go back to it, but I’m going to wait until the wallet fattens up a bit more.

  5. Sometimes I wonder just HOW much better these diets are for our bodies and if it is worth it. Interested to hear your results and analysis. I think it would be so hard to give up beer and pizza and pretzels!!

  6. I really don’t think I could give up the beer! I do try to eat as close to gluten free as I can, but beer is definitely my weakness.


  7. I haven’t heard of this book before, but now I am intrigued. I also don’t eat a ton of wheat products, however, when I do I always get bloated and nasty. After countless tests I don’t have celiac disease, but I don’t know why wheat affects me the way that it does. Now I try to avoid wheat as much as I can so I can feel better. Beer is my favorite wheat product and I would have a very hard time giving it up!

  8. My husband has Gluten intolerance and so I prepare many GF dishes, but the fact its, it’s tough to be completely GF with kids. Pretty much everything they enjoy has some kind of Gluten in it. I have several GF recipes on my site, some heathy, some more indulgent.

  9. I read this while eating my wheat toast this morning! I’ve been reading a lot about the negatives of wheat, too, but haven’t been able to take the plunge. I appreciate that you waited until 10 days in to report on the progress so far. So many people post “I’m gonna do this, I’ll feel great!” before they’ve even started. Anxious to hear how you feel about it after 30 days!

  10. I hate to burst people’s gluten free bubble when they speak about it as a diet, but simply cutting out gluten will not cause weight loss unless you stop eating. My wife has celiac and I’ve been gluten free for 4+ years. It really is not difficult these days. Do I feel better? Yes, but it’s because I eat foods that are naturally gluten free, not overly processed gluten free products. Let me also point out that wheat free is not the same as gluten free. There is gluten in a lot more things than just wheat, so cutting out wheat will not eliminate the issues many experience which is tied to gluten. So if you are trying to cut out something, you should consider gluten as that is the culprit.

    • I’m totally with you – it’s NOT a diet, just a way of life (or new way of thinking about eating). I told one of my friends that I was trying it and she said “I thought you didn’t diet”. I DON’T – exactly to your point – but she just didn’t get it. Thankfully I don’t have a wheat intolerance but I did want to see how my body would feel/react after cutting out wheat.

      I’d love to know some of your favorite snacks/meals/recipes – let me know if you want to do a guest blog or something. Thanks!

      • Yea, fortunately I have no dietary restrictions either. I started going gf because it didn’t make sense to try and cook different meals, etc and ever since, I just realized how easy it is to stay gf with a little education in the beginning you learn to identify suspect foods. Anyways, I’d be happy to provide some advice or input as part of a guest post.

  11. My sister read the book and went on to do the 3 weeks. She noticed a huge difference since they ate a lot of wheat. She has gotten her family on board too!

  12. interesting! i haven’t read that book but i’m also exploring wheat-free as much as possible. so far, i feel awesome. way better than before! noticeably less bloated, clearer skin, better energy. and when i do eat wheat/gluten, i can notice a definite difference. putting this book on my list to read!

  13. I too went gluten-free in January for 3 weeks… still going too, except I’m allowing for an occasional beer, because goodness knows I can’t go the rest of my life without beer!

    I noticed an increase in energy, less “slumps” throughout the day and definitely more definition around my middle. I did lose about 3 pounds too, but no inches, so I don’t think it really reduced the belly too much.

    I’m in love with the gluten/dairy free lifestyle and plan to do it 98% of the time. Since I don’t have celiac, I’m not going to freak over a beer once in a while! Look forward to your recipes! I’m going to try the oatmeal balls with sunflower butter soon!

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