conversations with Mr. President

Mr. President and I have conversations now. He’s always been a talker but at 21-months, he forms sentences and actually talks to me. It’s so much fun, and funny. IMG_7216

Our day goes something like this:

Mr. President (MP): “Hi Mommy.”
Me: “Hi buddy.”
MP: “How you doin’?”
Me: “I’m good, how are you?”
MP: “Good.”

[insert name] sneezes
“Bless you, mommy.”
“Bless you, daddy.”
“Bless you, baby Coco.”

MP: “Mommy, make a breakfast milkshake (my sneaky way of getting him to drink kale smoothies). Bring stool.”
Me: “What should we put in our breakfast milkshake?”
MP: “Kale. Strawberries. Coconut.”

[On Tuesdays] “Trash truck come Tuesdays. Good Morning trash truck. Waving. White trash truck.”

“Hi Mommy. Love you mommy.” (Hi Mr. President. I love you so much)

“Mommy. Jumbo jet in the sky” [points to sky]. “So fast.”

“Baby Moses in danger, Coco” [oh, you know, from the Bible]

“Mommy, read Mega Trucks. Mommy, play monster trucks. Mommy come.”

“Water table, mommy. Bring hose. Mommy, play.”

“Take walk. Ride skateboard (piggyback attachment for Uppababy). Swing. Playground.”

[At bedtime]
MP: “Nigh, night world. Lightening bugs. Thank you God. Amen.”
“Mommy sing” (I sing him a few songs every night)
“Love you mommy.”
Me: “I love you. Sweet dreams.”
MP: “Sweet dreams, mommy.”

Oh, and did I mention the repeating?
“Don’t touch the water cooler.”
“Daddy brush his teeth.”
[Mommy doing something silly to Mr. President] “Stop doing that.”
“Baby Coco so pretty. Baby Coco so big.”

Gosh, I love this kid!


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  1. omg too cute! and i LOVE those babiators on him – such a stud!

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