the best of 2015

I can’t believe today is the last day of 2015.

2015 was filled with miracles, new life, challenges, lack of sleep, lots of laughter, forgiveness, adventures, friendships, and y grace. I became a second time mom, to sweet Baby Coco, and motherhood handed me new set of challenges. Motherhood, however, continues to be my greatest adventure and I can’t imagine spending my days any other way (at least for now).

I ran my entire pregnancy with Mr. President by my side, or rather, in the Bob. It wasn’t fast or far but I did it. I sold my road bike – it hadn’t been ridden in 2+ years – and bought a mountain bike and Burley bike trailer. Mr. President loves riding with me. 2 weeks ago, I set up the Double Bob and took both kids on a run. I’ve barely run (I can count the number of times on 2 hands) since having Coco. I didn’t run a single race in 2015. But I’m okay with that. For now. I hope 2016 is filled with more running & biking. My heart is craving a good run.

I had a baby GIRL! Coco (given the nickname from her big brother) is such a blessing, a true gift from God. She’s exactly what I needed. She’s happy all the time, smiles and laughs when you need it the most, loves her big brother, and has the most beautiful big blue eyes I’ve ever seen (pictures don’t do them justice). She’s also a boob snob which makes it almost impossible to leave her, but secretly I love that she needs me. There will be a point when she doesn’t.

Mr. President and I set out on a crazy set of adventures before the baby was born and called it the #bucketlistbeforebaby project. We had so much fun exploring new – and old – places. I did it on a whim – and now recommend it to everyone. Make a list, create an adventure, and explore. It’s such a fun gift for your kids.

BJ and I celebrated 5 years of marriage. I can’t believe it. I’m thankful for all he does for our family – and especially the gift of being able to stay home with our kids. We had our ups and downs and challenges (2 kids under 2 and serious lack of sleep doesn’t help) but I wouldn’t want to journey through life with anyone else.

My family, but mostly my mom and sister. I couldn’t have done this year without him. Like that time BJ went to Cambodia 6-weeks postpartum, or when he got a parasite and was sick for 12 days, or when I just needed a hug or a vent or a cry or a laugh. I’m so thankful they live close and I’m so thankful that they give their time & love to my family and me. It’s a huge blessing!

God. I thank God for these gifts. Every. Single. One. The good times, the bad times, the laughs and cries, the mishaps and adventures, the joys of being a mom. It’s an emotional roller coaster but I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way.

I hope your 2015 was filled with the good & the bad – that’s what makes life so real. That’s what makes life worth living.

I’m excited for 2016. I’m excited to journal more, run more, spend more time with friends, laugh more, write/blog more, sleep more (a girl can hope!), and love more.



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