dreams & aspirations // 2016

I rarely set resolutions. That’s not my personality. I’m not motivated by “On X day, I’ll start working out”. If I want to do something, I usually just do it.

I do, however, have dreams & aspirations for the New Year. There are things I want to do, things I want to start, and dreams I want to dream. My top priority is more sleep but we’ll see if I can manage that one 😉

In no particular order:

  • journal more // i need a place to share my thoughts, my fears, my joys – a place without judgement
  • run more // pretty non-existent in 2015 but now that Coco can (safely) run in the Bob, i have more options
  • laugh more // sometimes i forget to laugh because i’m so exhausted (i was up 7 times in 7 hours last night), but i never want to stop laughing
  • dream (BIG) more // i have some big dreams for 2016 and i want to have confidence to start them
  • blog more // it was really hard to blog in 2015. i had 2 kids under 2 and no childcare or help. i hope i can change that this year
  • be more intentional // with my time, with my friendships, with my family
  • travel more // i crave adventure and hope we can travel more this year
  • pray more // i pray everyday but I want to be more intentional when I pray. In the little things, in the big things, and the good & bad things

What are your dreams for 2016?


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  1. I like your list of dreams.

    I know you might not have done everything on your personal list in 2015 but I bet you were a great Mom and that is a really special gift for your kids.

    Also, I hope you get more rest. That’s one of my biggest fears about being a parent is the no sleep part =0

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