Crystal City Twilighter 5k

When I signed up for the Crystal City Twilighter 5k two months ago, my goal was to run a 5k PR. I’m so close to breaking 20 minutes in a 5k, yet so far away.

2 months before the race: The plan was to add speed work back in to my routine and really focus on running a PR but with the diagnosis of Plantar Fascittus, I had to alter my training. I took time off from running, incorporated more swimming/biking into my routine and started (a pretty serious regiment of) ART, graston and acupuncture. Needless to say, this is not the recipe for running a PR.

1 week before the race:
a) ART, graston and acupuncture seem to be working. I’m able to run (virtually pain free) – but also have to take my foot into consideration while training. If I run consecutively for 2 days, I usually take the following 2 days off from running (I’m swimming & biking instead). While I’m extremely thankful that I am able to run, I’m aware that I have not properly trained to run a 5k PR.
b) The Washington D.C. area experienced record highs with temperatures in the high 90’s – 100’s (and “real feel” in the 120’s). It was HOT. Training may or may not have been affected due to heat.

Race Day: It was so hot on July 23, that Pacers offered deferments to the 2012 race for individuals who felt they could not safely compete.

I had to adjust my goals for the CTT 5k – and I was okay with that. Instead, I was excited to run a night race and hang out with BJ.

The course was flat and fast. It seemed a little long (my Garmin said 3.26) but the course was mostly an out and back, so that always seems to make things “longer”.

Very well organized event with plenty of volunteers, water stations, and ice sponges. My only complaint would be that about 100m into the race, we ran around a short “U” {think apartment building round-about} that was sectioned off by cones. No one was expecting it and no one could see the cones until you were right on them – people were tripping, I had to catch a women from falling and people were yelling (they were pissed). The cones were there because we ran back through the round-about on the return lap, but there would have been plenty of time between the 1st runner/last runner to add the cones after the race had started.

Overall, I think the CTT 5k was a good race (albiet extremely HOT) and I’ll plan on running it again next year. While I didn’t run a PR (I was almost 1 minute off my current PR), I had a great time. BJ and I stayed after the race to talk, hang out and grab a beer. I also had a chance to meet some awesome bloggers that live and race in the area. It was a really fun night!


Time: 21:05
Overall: 125/1,605
Female: 21/838
AG: 13/292

Blogger Meet-Up: I’ve followed these blogs/ladies for a few months now and they rock. It was fun to finally meet Lauren, Katie and Amy in real life!

L-R: me, Katie, Lizzy, Amy and Lauren

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  1. you got to meet Kate?!?!? so. jealous.

    great racing!

  2. Great to meet you on Saturday. Congrats on a sweet race time!

  3. Awesome time in such hot weather!

  4. yay for meeting in person! I also think Phil has a man crush on BJ. 🙂

  5. Nice job! Such an amazing time!!

    My husband is suffering from PF, and you think the ART and Graston helped? Any other advice for someone trying to deal with this?

  6. great to meet you, and glad ART/graston is helping! graston is working miracles on my butt.

  7. I wish I would have thought to look for all the DC-running bloggers I read at the CCT on Saturday! It was my first 5K in over 5 years and I knocked out a time much faster than I anticipated given the heat. I thought the race was really fun – even though it was an out/back, which I usually hate.

    Congrats on your amazing time! You're such a speedy inspiration.

  8. A great preformance in the heat or frankly anytime. Nice job!

  9. great job!

  10. Great time! You are so speedy especially for doing it in this heat! I hate out and backs, I much prefer a nice loop.

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