Endurasoak {giveaway}

Run Fast. Recover Faster.

As I started to increase my mileage while training for my first (and only) marathon, my body often felt tired and fatigued. I would walk in the door after a 22 mile run, feeling excited {it was the most I had ever run} and exhausted {my body had never worked that hard or long}. It took a lot of trail &a; error for me to figure out the right post-run mix for my body.

I’ve always been a believer of epsom salt – and probably take more epsom salt baths than the average person. If you promise to take away may aches, soothe sore muscles, relieve stress and improve oxygen use, I’m going to love you and take advantage of you. {I’m just being honest}

It might be a bit dramatic to say that Endurasoak changed my post-run life, but I’m all for dramatic {and the truth}. After every long run, I would limp walk in my front door, grab a Pelegrino and immediately start an Endurasoak bath. It’s my recovery secret potion – the perfect combination of bath-salt-meets-rosemary-and-peppermint deliciousness. Endurasoak helps my body recover faster and allows me to run sooner.

According to the website, Endurasoak is a mineral bath that promotes post-workout recovery and reduces pain from training related injuries.

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Combat muscle fatigue
  • Relieve pain and muscle cramps

It’s just what my body needs after a long run (or stressful day).
{bye-bye epsom salt, HEELLLOOO Endurasoak}

In honor of fall marathon season, I’m hosting an Endurasoak giveaway. Two readers will win one bag of Endurasoak each.

To enter you must follow of my blog.

To win (please leave a comment for each):

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The Endurasoak giveaway will run until noon EST on Friday, October 14 at which time I will close the post for comments, choose 2 winners via Random.org and announce the winners with a (new) blog post.

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  5. first thanks for the giveaway! second do you do this with or without ice baths? finally, i can't believe you have only one marathon. i figured you had run so many and you qualified for Boston in just one! how did you do it? as you probably know, if you need a place to stay for boston u r always welcome lady 🙂

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  17. How does it compare to an ice bath in terms of speed of recovery?

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  22. I'm a huge epsom salt bath addict for post-long-run recover and would love to try this!
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  55. I use epsom salt a lot too, multiple times a week. Very interested in trying out Endurasoak to see if it changes my post run life also. 🙂

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