Army Ten Miler {recap}

Army Ten Miler is my favorite race of the year.  The weather is perfect for racing, and this year was no exception.   As tradition would have it, my mom was in town for the 6th year and my sister decided to join this year, too.  Family, running, and perfect racing weather – what more could I ask for?I didn’t know what to expect going into ATM.  I’ve been running but, quite frankly, I feel like I’m just going through the motions.  The fall is extra busy for me (with work) and I haven’t had much time to log meaningful miles.  My long runs hurt, my speed work hurts, and even my easy runs hurt.  To top it all off, I had to work the Army Ten Miler expo – my first time working and running an event.  I was hoping I could run a speedy race but didn’t know if it was doable given my lack of training, time, and rest/recovery.      

I woke up feeling excited.  That’s always a good sign.  We arrived at the Pentagon around 7am.  It was enough time for me to check my extra layers, hit up the porta potty, and head to Wave 1 for the 8am start.  People thought I was crazy for wearing just a sports bra, but I was happy I decided to run sans arm warmers. I made my way to the start, seamlessly I might add, chatted with a few friends, and was ready to run. 

By mile one, my legs were already struggling to keep up with my lungs.  I knew I wouldn’t PR, or even come close, so I tried to enjoy the race/weather.  When I see all of the wounded warriors participating in ATM, it makes me extra thankful that I have two legs and I’m able to run.   Around the time my legs gave out, I saw my good friend, Elyse – Elyse was my running angel.  We talked the whole race (other runners even commented on how impressive it was to run and talk for 10 miles) and it really helped keep my mind off of the fatigue in my legs (I didn’t realize working/standing at an expo would take so much out of me).  By mile four, I was less focused on time and more focused on finishing the race in a decent time.  We pushed each other when we needed to, and held back at other times. Thanks, Elyse, I’m so thankful you were willing to run with me!     As always, the race was very well organized and run.  The soldiers and volunteers are top notch – and they’re a HUGE reason the race is so successful.   There was plenty of water, and since the porta potty line was shorter than usual, I’ll say there were a decent amount of bathrooms (but, there can always be more).  Race morning logistics are easy and I never feel rushed.  (All key factors in whether or not I want to run a race, and actually enjoy the race)


Time: 1:11:30
Age Place:
Sex Place:

Final Thoughts
I didn’t run a great race, and I’m surprisingly okay with that.  Again, I didn’t know what to expect given my hectic work schedule, and I can’t be too upset considering I was on my feet Friday/Saturday.  ATM will always be my favorite race – and this year in particular, I was less concerned about time, and more concerned about enjoying the time with my family.  BJ ran a PR, my mom came close to beating her PR, and KP was great race day support.  We celebrated with post-run mimosa’s and brunch – I can’t think of a better way to end ATM 2012.    

ATM 2013?  I’ll be back for a re-match!

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  1. Nice work! Even when you’re not running an A race, you still manage to have A experiences 😀

  2. It sounds like it was fun and so great that you family was there with you. That time is not too shabby missy! miss you tons! xoxo

  3. Awesome! I’d really like to run this race one day!

  4. Melody, BJ, Mom and Katie I am so proud of you all! Congrats on the run. Mel, this is a great post. I love how you are a superstar and still struggle sometimes with races. Thanks for sharing, it helps to encourage myself and other people to keep pushing through. Thanks. I love you.

  5. Congrats on a fun race! Thanks to you and our Monday night fun runs, I managed to pull out a pretty enjoyable 10 miles.

  6. I’d say that was a GREAT race! congrats on it and keeping a great attitude about how you feel you did. You’ll be back at it next year and hit the mark you set!

  7. That is such a fun family tradition you have! I was happy to see you before and after the race!

  8. It was good to see you at the start! And I’m glad you had a good day overall. That’s what matters.

  9. I love the ATM! It is my favorite 10 mile race too! Great job running! It was a beautiful day for running 😉

  10. I have a feeling that next year you will kick some serious booty at ATM!!!!! I loved your post race celebration- sounded pretty perfect to me. 🙂

  11. My classmate from B-school (also in the Army Reserve) did the run and had fun. I’m hoping to make it to the event some day. Glad you had your family with you.

  12. working an expo is HARD – the concrete is NOT runner friendly, that’s for sure. I’m so happy you were able to “let go” and enjoy the day. I always have the tendency to think “this time, I will “overcome” racing in humidity” – it never happens and I just have to learn to let that go! hard to accept…….

    can’t wait to run with K. and hear about the weekend.

  13. Kudos for getting out there and racing even though you were not 100% sure what the race would bring! Sounds like you really enjoyed the course and the beautiful weather. Congrats!

  14. How lovely that you got to run with your family! Sounds like you’ve been super busy and, like you said, it affects your running. Still a great time, though! Glad you were able to have fun and enjoy running with a friend.

  15. Sounds like a fun race! We all need a no pressure fun race every now and then. Great job on just running and enjoying the gift.

  16. Good job on a great race. 1:11 is an amazing finish time!!! You should be very proud!

  17. This will make that 10 mile PR in 2013 all that sweeter! Love racing 10 milers, hopefully one day I’ll be able to do the ATM.

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