2013: reflections & blessings

2013 was a year of many, many blessings.  I know God blesses those who love and live for Him, but I often wonder “what did I do to deserve *all* of this?!”  I guess 2013 is my living testament to how wonderful our Heavenly Father is!

I spent a majority of 2013 (41 weeks, to be exact) pregnant with “Poppy”.  Brent and I decided not to find out the gender of Baby Jones, and our little seed was lovingly referred to as Poppy.  I loved everything about being pregnant.  It was truly a wonderful and magical time in my life.  I continued to run (albeit very slow) and unleashed my inner yogi.  I believe staying active and eating healthy resulted in a happy and healthy pregnancy.



Poppy and I traveled!  We worked a handful of races, including Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas & Washington D.C, and an event at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Pittsburgh.  We visited my sister Lindsey in Panama, my sister Katie in Florida, and my parents in Mississippi.  We went to Whistler, B.C. for my Sales Meeting.  We celebrated BJ’s grandparents 70th wedding anniversary in Ohio (yes, 70!).  Ww took the occasional trip to Maryland (we even watched BJ complete SavageMan Triathlon), D.C., and of course, Virginia.


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Poppy and I (7 months pregnant) ran a 5k!  Even though the Crystal City Twilighter was my slowest race ever, it was the most fun.  BJ, my mom, and sister Katie ran with us.  It’s a night race – which adds to the fun – so we ran with glow sticks and enjoyed the race.

2013 Crystal City Twilighter

BJ and I sold our condo.  It was really BJ’s but when we got married I moved in.  It was our first married place.  Even though it was small and cozy, it’s still one of my most favorite places I’ve lived.  It’s a place filled with lots of love and memories (my mom sleeping on an air mattress for 3 years).


Then, we looked for a house – for months…  It was a really trying time and required a lot of trust but, just in the nick of time, God provided the perfect house for us.  We moved in on October 1 – and Poppy was due October 5.  It’s officially our home and I love being able to make it ours.  It’s big enough for us to grow into, is really walkable, and steps from my favorite running trail (Custis).

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I turned 30!  The Big 3-0.  I think I imagined 30 to be slightly different (hello, huge party with lots of wine) but in the moment – big belly and all – it was one of the best birthdays.  I celebrated all week with friends, BJ, and loved ones.  I even had the occasional glass of wine (wink, wink).


41 weeks later, the biggest and best blessing of all arrived.  On October 12, 2013, Baby Jones made HIS debut.  Lincoln Macintosh was born at 10:46pm, weighing in at 7lbs 12 oz, and 21 inches long.  It was love at first sight.  It was an overwhelming feeling of love, gratitude, thankfulness.  Every day since has been the best day(s) of my life.  Lincoln and I are having a blast together and I love being (his) mom.  His smile melts my heart.  And his little laughs are the best.



We celebrated and hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas in our new home, with our new baby.  It was the perfect ending to a blessed 2013!


While 2013 didn’t hold a new PR or a blog full of race reports, it was one of the best years of my life.  2014 will likely hold more races (we’ll see about the PR’s) and more blog posts (thanks to everyone who has continued to follow despite the lack of posts).

I hope your 2013 was a wonderful one, filled with love, races, margaritas, and PRs.  Cheers to 2014!

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  1. Melody! This brought tears to my eyes. It’s so neat to see what God did for you and your family this year! I’d say Lincoln is the best PR ever!!!

  2. What a amazing year you had!! I’m sure 2014 will be fun and adventure filled as well!! Enjoy!

  3. What joy!! What preciousness!! So thrilled for all of you guys! I am DYING to meet Lincoln, see your new home, and meet Lyla Walega as well! xoxoxo

  4. Donna Gallardo says

    What a beautiful post! You truly did have a blessed year and I’m sure it will only get better as the days go by.

  5. What a great year! Lincoln is adorable and LOVE his Christmas outfit! Hopefully we can run together sometime soon!

  6. Melody Parry Jones you have me crying like a baby! What a beautifully written post. God sure did bless all of us in 2013. I love you guys so much. xoxo

  7. So amazing, what a great year for you. Best wishes for 2014!

  8. What an amazing year full of life and love! I’m sure 2014 holds many more adventures for you. Soak it all in and enjoy! Happy New Year!

  9. Love this – thanks so much for sharing!! You’re an amazing mama AND athlete. You may even surprise yourself when racing next year 🙂 Love you guys and happy new year!!

  10. Oh my gosh, his little Christmas outfit picture is ADORABLE!

  11. Happy new year! What a little cutie! Looks like the last picture was in a mamaroo? We have one too and love it!

  12. Wow- what an exciting year. What a precious baby! You are so blessed. And you are one of the fittest pregnant women I have ever seen! It’s great that you blogged all of this so you can look back on these memories.

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